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A productive Lunch Break

I took an extended lunch break today, so that I could help Karen with an issue she's having with her cell phone.

Just after noon today, Karen pinged me on IM at work, to tell me that her cell phone had just died. She was at nearly full charge, and in the middle of switching from a game app over to Facebook, when the screen blipped and went dead.
Just went straight to a Black screen. No shut down process, pop ups, or hung screen. Just dead.

This is exactly what my phone (same make and model, LG G3) had done on 01/16/17. I was switching from Game of War, to the Facebook app, when... Blip! Black Screen.
Nothing I tried could get the phone to turn back on. Karen's phone is now the same way.

At 12:30 I clocked out of work for my lunch break. I let my manager know that I might be gone for an hour, and would make up any time beyond my scheduled 30 minute break.
I drove home to pick up Katen's phone, then went straight to the Verizon store on hwy K. Since I had already been through this same scenario once before, it was easy to describe what was wrong, and bypass all of the time wasting steps to determineca course of action. Within minutes of stepping foot in the store, the agent assisting me had an order placed to have a new phone sent to us. Karen's new LG G3 should arrive to our house by 8 PM tomorrow evening.

As I walked out of the Verizon store, I glanced at my watch and realized that I still had 10 minutes of my regular lunch break left, and plenty of time before I had to be back at the office.

The hair salon was just a few doors down in the same strip mall, and I wondered if Stefanie was on schedule. I did a quick call ahead as I walked that way, and put myself on the svhedule for a 1 o'clock haircut.

Since I had anticipated mot needing another trim for quite some time after my recent trip to Memphis, I had put off getting my regular trim of my undervut and around the ears, and it has been about a month since I last had Karen use the beard trimmers to shave my neck line. In order to keep a clean looking neck line, I keep the back either buzzed or shaved about an inch up into the hairline.

As I walked through the door, Stefanie was waiting for me. She asked me how I was doing, and how Jack was liking his new haircut from a few weeks back. We made small talk as she sat me down in her chair and got me caped.

I told her that I just needed a quick trim around the edges. Buzz and taper the sides, and shave the back as close as she could get it.
She started with the trimmers in back, and moved up to the area back behind my ears. My hair had grown more this past month than I realized. Then she used the trimmers over comb to taper the sides down from about 1/4" at the ear, up to 1/2 an inch long at the top of my undercut. The buzzing trimmers took off more than an inch of hair to get me back in shape.

I paid and tipped her for the trim. She only charged me $6 for a neck trim, instead of a full haircut price; so I made sure her time was compensated in my tip.

In no time at all, I was back here at work, and clocked back in. And the whole round trip only took 45 minutes.
My neck and collar are a bit itchy, but I can"t keep my hands off of the buzzed stubble on my neck. Oh how I wish that stubble went further up the back of my head. It feels so good. Both to touch with my fingers, and the feel of my fingers massaging it against my sensitive scalp.

Makes me want to go home and make out with Karen; and wish her warm, tender, fingers were wrapped around the back of my head, stroking the soft stubble of my hair.

I guess I'll be getting more of an opportunity to feel that soon.
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