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Trip Plan Update

There"s not anything new to report in terms of costs and the main Tourist sites I have on my planned agenda.

I have added a few secondary and possible add on things that we could do to fill in time for any day of the week.

Did you know that there's a 3,500 year old Egyptian Obelisk in Central Park? It"s called Cleopatra's key. Its in the list of bonus side items, along with things like the Central Park Zoo, etc...

The most exciting thing to report, is that I have a friend, whose daughter works for NBC, who is going to check on getting us tickets to Jimmy Fallon, or Seth Meyers. Seriously, how cool is that? That would be AWESOME.

Im supposed to remind her to check back on those after the beginning of April. Apparently, they dont do the tickets to the public any earlier than 30 to 45 days out from the day of taping. So this will be an April/May item to keep daily/weekly track of then.

Obviously, this would alter my current schedule for the main sites, depending on what day we could get.

We're going to need to do our taxes early on in February, so that I can get Karen on board and start locking some of these things down.

Pending the NBC tickets, here is the schedule I have tentatively sketched together:

SUN Travel to NYC
MON Empire State Building / Central Park
TUE Statue of Liberty / Brooklyn Bridge
WED One World Tower / 911 Memorial Pools & Museum
THU Central Park Zoo / Times Square / Hard Rock Cafe NY
FRI travel home
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