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Trip Plan Update

I have to admit that I'm getting a little bit discouraged. With it being the holiday season and year end tax time right now, I'm feeling the pinch to my wallet; and so the cost of things that I am planning for next year are going to cost. I still think it is possible to pull this off, but it's not going to be cheap; and I don't really expect it to be. But, I want to be economical, but make sure we have the time of our lives.

Here's what I have scouted out so far:
(*** Prices in "Total" counts are for both of us combined)

  • FLIGHT: Round-Trip tickets, Nonstop to/from NY is going to be about $300 - $350 ea (Total = $700)

  • HOTEL: Prices for a 5 night stay give us discounts, and look to be between $150 - $200 per night for an economical room. Upwards of $250 per night for something close to downtown Manhattan and nice. (Total: $1000 to $1500)

  • Empire State Building: (Total = $220) This includes tickets to both observation decks, and a sit down - 3 Course Dinner at the Empire STATE Grill & Bar. *SCORE! This is one of my 4 Must See attractions for our trip.

  • One World Observatory aka. "Trade Tower" : (Total: ~ $150 + any food option)

  • 911 memorial and Museum: (Total: $50 general admission, $90 if we do the Guided Tour)

  • Statue of Liberty: (Total: $45 Reserve w/Crown Climb, $40 Reserve Pedestal) Guided tours are extra, but the Ferry crossing is free. I'm thinking that Karen and I will want to set our own pace and see things in what ever order catches our attention. Karen has been to the Statue of Liberty before, so I'll defer to her judgement on this one. If we do the tour, depending upon which tour, it will add about $40 to the cost.

  • That's all I have so far, and I haven't figured in cost of daily meals, which I'm guessing will run us about $100 per day, in addition to the dinner at ESB. I also want to eat at the HARD ROCK Cafe NY at least once. So that may be another $100 (Figuring total meal expense at ~ $600 )

    Total Estimate so far (without adding shopping, souveniers, and misc.) = $3,305
    With that said, I fully expect, at this point, for the trip to come in at around $4,000

    • I have noticed that the closer you get to a date, the cheaper the Air Flight costs. But there is a fine line between going down, and then going back up high right before the date of departure. I will have to watch this one in the months ahead.

    • Hotel prices are cheaper the further out you look. Will have to make sure not to wait too long to book accommodations. But I need to get Karen on board for this one, so I'll have to wait for when I spring this on her at tax time next year. She is better at hotels and booking than I am.

    Like I said at the beginning, looking at the price tag is a bit discouraging.
    But it is really going to be worth every penny. You can't buy the kind of memories that we are going to make on this trip. memories that no one else can tarnish or ever take from us.

    This trip is going to be like the Honeymoon I wish I could have afforded for us years ago. I know we joked that the President's Club Naples, FL trip was like a Honeymoon; but this one truly will be the REAL DEAL.
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