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Home Sweet Home - Where do we go next?

This past week has been absolutely Amazing, but I have to admit that I am glad to be home. Home in my own living space, driving my own car, using my own bathroom, having my own space to relax in. As much as I love my family, it can get a bit stressful being all piled up together in just a couple of rooms for a week. lol

Like I said. it was an amazing trip. Thank you, Jo Ann (my mother in law) for making this trip possible, and for taking the family to Florida.

I learned a lot of things this past week. Not only about myself, but about how I feel about traveling (something that has always stressed me out and induced anxiety in the past - even as recently as my scout trip to SD), about doing things with Family. About making memories that will last the rest of my life. And about how I truly feel about sharing special moments with both my family, and more importantly with Karen.

Karen and I have been together for 16 years now. And we have shared quite a few adventures together,but we haven't done very much traveling. And I fear that a lot of that has been my fault. Before Karen and I met and started dating, she traveled A LOT! She's been all over this country, and to several places over seas. Egypt, and London, that I know of for sure.

Most of my reluctance to travel has been because of my anxiety, and stress issues about going places I am unfamiliar with. That is definitely my fault, adn I own it. That is really not fair to Karen.

The other aspect of my reluctance to travel has been because of my feelings about going places with her that she has been before. To me, sharing first moments with the one that I love is a big factor in things I choose to do. I want to find places and moments where we share the WOW factor together, with each other, for that FIRST time. It can really ruin the mood of going somewhere with someone that has a "been there, done that" perspective of the moment. It's what I call the Sloppy Seconds. Which I think I've defined in this journal before, so I won't go into further detail.

That factor came up at least once during our trip this past week, and it really ruined my experience for where we were that day. So, I confirmed that my belief on the matter is valid, and not just some quirk that only I have.

The Most Important thing that this past week taught me (other than the act that my family can bicker and be obnoxious) is that I really want to do more traveling with Karen. I want to get up off my butt, and start checking off more of my travel bucketlist with her. If only I could describe the look in Karen's eyes when we were going on our adventures together this past week (with the exception of the one item mentioned above). I decided then and there, and reaffirm now, that I am going to make every effort to change my attitude about traveling.

And, the first thing I am going to do, is start planning a trip for just Karen and I to go to New York sometime in 2017. It will be the best trip I've ever taken in my entire life, and I'll share it with the best person I've ever had in my life.

I have no idea how much it will cost, or at the moment even where to begin in how to plan such a trip. But I am determined to make it happen. A romantic getaway for the two of us. New York has more bucketlist locations in my places that I have always wanted to travel to, than any other location I can think of. Karen has been saying for years that she would love to go back to New York. She went there for a senior trip after high school, and has mentioned wanting to take me there many times since we met. So, New York it is.

Next year is a year where our troop has to stay in council for summer camp, so there won't be any long distance trips with scouting. I have already been asked to volunteer with two STEM camps, and I know that I will have to go with Jack on the summer camp trip to S-F. But I'm going to decline the STEM camps. I've already earned my WB Beads,and those are not nearly as important as taking this trip with my Sweetie. I think I can definitely figure this thing out.

So, the first question is... Where to begin? I know it can be done. We just pulled off an amazing family trip to Florida, Universal, Disney. So, take a deep breath, and start planning to be successful at this endeavor.

  • Gather information about tourist locations
  • List the places to visit and prioritize
  • Check hotel prices and watch for price fluctuations (when is the cheapest to go?)
  • Flight information. (Lay overs or nonstop? Time of year that prices are lowest?)
  • Wait for Summer calendars to be posted by scout troop, and see what vacation schedules look like at work.

    Take a deep breath, and relax... I can do this. Karen and I CAN do this. Together.
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