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I'm SO EXCITED! - I'm going to New York!

It's almost 4 AM, and I guess my brain decided that since I've had over 6 hours of sleep (even though I only had 80 minutes of sleep the night before) that it's time to get up. Or, maybe my brain is just as excited as I am right now, and figured that dreaming about it was enough to wake me up to jot down a quick Journal entry.

So, to catch you up... That bucketlist trip to NY that I first started throwing around ideas for at the end of last Summer, and then started researching again at the end of October, is a DEFINITE GO! (Update details for schedules and itinerary can be found in NOV 16, & JAN 17 month summaries)

It's really going to happen, and I'm so excited right now, that I can't sleep.

I know, I know. First I can't sleep because I'm upset and depressed, now I can't sleep because I'm so happy. Fine! I'll take not sleeping because I'm happy any day.

Yesterday afternoon, I finally broke down and shared with Karen that I have been planning a trip for us to go to New York at the end of May. Even though I originally planned not to say anything about it to her until after our taxes had been completed,and our tax return had come in, recent developments forced me to have to reveal the surprise now.

I recently learned that Karen's girlfriend group has started planning a trip to NY for October, and Karen is invited to be part of that group. Talk about a gut wrencher. I have been stressing over this since I first learned about it a little over a week ago. I have kept my mouth mum about it, because I wasn't sure if this was something that was just a talking and planning to maybe go, or a definite thay are going kind of trip. There has been talk like this in the past for our group to make trips to NY or Vegas, and nothing came of them.

So yesterday afternoon, I messaged my mother in law, and asked if she knew anything about the trip and whether or not this was a for sure thing. She said it was definitely a for sure thing. Needless to say,in my exhausted state, a Full Blown panic attack erupted after that. I knew that I was going to have to tell Karen about my trip plans.

SO, here's where we stand at this moment:

Karen and I are definitely making a trip to New York together this year. But as of right now, the which trip and when is still up in the air.

Karen is going to ask the girls if I can go on their trip in October:

  • If the answer is YES, I will scrap my plans for the May trip, and will go with the group on that trip so that we can save money. It means that the trip is no longer exactly a romantic getaway for the two of us, but it preserves the more important factor that we both share this magical event and see all of the items on my bucketlist together for the first time.

  • If the answer is NO, She and I will be taking the trip to New York at the end of May. Because of the cost and expense, this may mean that she will not go with the girls in October; although I would do everything I possibly could do to make sure she could afford to do both.

    I hate that it might come down to that, but not only is this trip inportant to me because I have always wanted to see NY with Karen, and that it checks off so many of my must see before I die bucketlist items; but being with Karen when she goes to NY for the first time in over 25 years is REALLY important to me. Beyond what I can probably explain here at 4 AM.

    You only get so many FIRSTS in life, and sharing those magical moments with the love of my life is more important than anyone else, or anyone else's feelings on the matter.
  • Karen has never been to the rebuilt One World Tower. That is a MAGICAL FIRST that we will share together.
  • Karen has never been to the 911 memorial and Museum. That is another FIRST that we will share together.
  • I honestly can't remember if Karen has ever said whether or not they went to the Empire State Building on her senior trip, but I don't believe so. That would be another Magical FIRST moment that we will share together. And if she has been there,she's never been there looking at it through her adult perspective, or with someone she truly deeply loves. AND... even if she had been there 25 years ago, I know for sure she didn't have dinner there at the ESB. DINNER (or lunch) is on my agenda for the Empire State Building, and THAT will be another magical FIRST moment that we will share together.

    Yes, Karen has been to New York before; and technically going there with her should be a violation of my NO LEFTOVERS/Sloppy Seconds rule (aka Been There / Done That). BUT... As I mentioned just a moment before, that was 25 years ago, and through the eyes of a teenage Karen. it has been long enough for the sounds, smells, and sites of New York to once again have a truly WOW Factor for Karen again; which means that I will in fact get to experience them as MAGICAL FIRST moments with the love of my life. That is a huge distinction, and one that makes a complete world of difference to me.

    This trip is going to be like no other trip I have EVER taken in my life. This will top South Dakota by leaps and bounds, and will even be more meaningful than when we went to Naples, FL for President's Club.

    I am so EXCITED beyond any comprehension.
    I could ramble on an on about this until I passed out from euphoria. So, I'm going to wrap this up here, and see if I can possibly get my mind to come down off of its high long enough to let me get another three hours of sleep.

    Bubbie Bee and I are going to New York!
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