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Disney's Hollywood Studios

Today, the family visited the third of the three parks on our adventure tour list. Of the three parks, this was the smallest in size; and while it was very interesting to me, I don't think it was quite as much fun for the kids or even Karen and Jo Ann.

Disney is currently in the process of building two very large additions to this park which will nearly double its current size. There is an area being built around the PIXAR films, called Toy Story Land; and they are well under way with working on the Star Wars themed expansion area.

They had quite a bit of Star Wars on display in the park already, but it pales in comparison to what it will look like in about two to three years from now.

The highlight of the day was riding the Twilight Zone tower of Terror. The kids and I rode it several times. Neither Karen or Jo Ann would go on it at all. The park's only roller coaster ride closed just yesterday,so that they could begin several months of modifications and updates.

My 2nd favorite ride at this park was the Toy Story Midway. The line for this ride was quite long, and a bit tedious; but the ride itself was wonderful. As you move through the line towards the ride, you are essentially in a giant toy fort, constructed of blocks, Lincoln logs, and other tows that are underneath a giant game board as the fort's roof.
Once on the ride, each pair of riders gets to sit in a "car" that takes you through a series of story themed shooting galleries. It is very interactive and engaging, and you rack up points in each area. If the line for this ride had been shorter, it is one that I could see myself riding over and over again.

I think that this is a park that I would like to come back to in about 3-5 years. I think that once the expansions are completed, this will be a much more engaging destination for all age groups. Outside of the Star Wars areas, and the two main rides that I described above, I don't think that the kids really "got it."

then again, maybe they were just too exhausted and tired to enjoy it as much as they would have if this had been day one or even two.

In any case, I had a lot of fun.

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