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Three Amusement Parks later and I'm Exhausted

I have to start off by saying that I am thoroughly worn out and both mentally and physically exhausted. Even though I would love to explore another theme park, or see a dozen more tourist sites tomorrow; I don't know that I am physically capable of doing so. I seriously doubt that I could take another day of bickering.

It never occurred to me before just the past two days, to think that we should have all been prepping and training for this week's vacation for the past several months. We should have all been making an effort to break in new shoes, walk at least 4 or 5 miles per day, and getting ourselves in better shape.

We have just concluded a three day marathon of three of the premier amusement parks in the US, and we should have been training for it like it were a marathon; even if we had no intention of running.

I wonder just how many miles we have all walked this week? I should have worn a pedometer of some sort. I can check the LG Health app on my phone, but I already know that it is not accurate. At best, it has recorded half of the actual distance and efforts that we each made each day. At best.

If there is ever a "next time" I will know better. But this has also been a wake up call to let me know I am not nearly in as good of shape as I have led myself to believe.

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