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My Sweetie is Sick, and she's not having a good time.

My Sweetie is feeling so bad right now. She is desperately trying to sleep, but ever time she falls asleep, and gets into a good snoring rhythm, she wakes herself with another coughing fit. She has been having to get up and go blow her nose, or cough up the junk that her sinuses are creating, at least once every 30 to 45 minutes.

I feel so bad for her. It's breaking my heart. I wish I could just wrap my arms around her and cuddle her, but that would only make things worse and aggravate her. we both figured that we would come back to the hotel room, load her up on cold meds, and let her just sleep it off; but it seems like it is getting worse the further into the night we go. I feel so helpless to do anything for her.

I'm trying to keep my phone brightness down on low while composing this entry. I had hoped to be working on my Kindle Fire, but nothing I do seems to get me logged into the hotel wi-fi; so mobile it is.

I feel horrible that she was not able to enjoy more of the concert. I think that the encore set of songs would have been her favorites of everything played tonight. Karen did say that she enjoyed the new songs that Bon Jovi was performing off of his new album. I'll have to get her a copy of that CD and digital download. I'll also have to see if there is possibly a DVD video of the concert series that might go on sale soon.

We did at least get her two really cool Concert T-Shirts.

I just wish there was something more I could do, besides just lay here and see her feeling so miserable. If it doesn't get any better soon, in the morning I'm going to suggest that we pack up and get her home. I know she will be sad, but I'd rather take her home and let her feel better, than have her try to push herself to appear to be having fun and then make herself even worse off.

I'm starting to think that there is a physical correlation between Aunt Flo and her colds. It also seems like she isn't quite getting over her previous cold like she should be. I get so worried about her.

Any way, typing this out on my phone is a pain in the derriere. The last time I posted anything of length from my phone was when I was on my way home from SD Summer Camp; and most of that was from my Kindle Fire and composed in draft form over several days.

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