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Daddy's Little Princess can Hang tough with the Boys

It's now after midnight, so I now have to talk about this in past tense yesterday terms...

Yesterday afternoon, the scouts from Troop 506 had an event at the Rockin' Jump in O'fallon, MO. It's basically just like Sky Zone in Chesterfield, with multiple areas that are wall to wall trampolines. They also have a designated Dodge Ball area, an area where the kids can play a game of jousting (pugil sticks) while balanced on a padded beam above a foam pit, and a small rock climbing area.

Jack spent most of his time hanging out with other scouts in the Dodge Ball area. He wasn't very interested in spending much time with his sister, even though siblings were invited to this scout event.

Delaney spent the majority of her productive time climbing the rock wall. Climbing different courses on the wall, over and over. The climbing walls use auto belay tethers, which Delaney is very familiar with from our trips to Upper Limits. In fact, she was quite the pro at the limited climbing courses that this facility offered. She was showing up several of the older boys, who were trying to match her climb for climb.

I don't often toot my own horn, but I've done a good job of making sure that my little girl knows she can do anything that a boy her own age can do. or, at least she knows she is free to push her limits and try it. I've taken her hiking, biking, and camping. She is currently in the 5th grade, and can do anything that a WEBELOS Scout knows how to do.

I know that someday, she'll get a boyfriend and probably try not to bruise his ego by showing him up at everything that they do. This will drive me crazy, but I'll know that she knows she can take any guy task for task; even if she won't have their physical strength that most active boys get in their teen years. My little girl will always be "my princess," but she won't be just another pretty face following the crowd.

The guy that tries to win her hand someday will have his hands full, and that's something I'm proud of.

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