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My Daughter is Artistic

Among the many busy activities that we undertook today, one of my proud moments was visiting the Lillian Yahn Gallery, in Wing Haven, where Delaney had one of her school art projects on display. Over the years (elementary school years) she has had several pieces put on display at the Fort Zumwalt District Office, and even won an award for a piece that was on display at her school several years ago.

Delaney's art piece on display was of an Egyptian style sarcophagus, made out of paper and marker media.

The Mullen family's artistic streak definitely runs through this child. Karen and I have attempted to foster her ability to explore this talent, without turning it into a chore. We have bought art supplies for several of her Christmas gifts over the years; and this past Christmas I purchased several art quality graphite pencils for her to use when drawing, and we purchased a basic 36 count PRISMACOLOR pencil set for her to use in her art.

I don't see her using either item all that often; but occasionally the mood will strike her to create or draw something, and I want the resources to be available for her when it does.

I've often wondered if I should encourage her to take some art lessons, similar to the ones Stephen and I took when we were kids. But, like I found out for myself at that age, turning something into a scheduled class can make what was once fun seem like a chore.

I'm not an Art Teacher (although I have taken courses in teaching elementary grade art), and my own artistic skills are a bit rusty; but I need to start thinking of way sot challenge her to use her artistic talents on a regular basis, without making it seem like homework.

Art is like any other talent; the more you use it, and practice (experiment with) it, the better you get at achieving the results you are hoping for.

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