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This is NOT Sloppy Seconds

Um, Wow! Yeah, dang...

Just finished reading back through that last post, and realized that it took a much darker, and more intense, turn than what I was originally planning to vent about. A clear case of starting on one topic, and diving into a much deeper related issue.

On a more positive note, I'm not feeling as angry about the movie as I was when I started writing. Still upset, but not angry. And definitely NOT mad at anyone other than myself right now.

Once again, it comes back to my curse. Everything that I plan,or ever time I try to do something specifically romantic or planned.... it turns to shit. I realize that ultimately, that is all on me.

SO, lets try to think about the flip side of this coin, and think about some of the wonderful places and moments that Karen and I have shared together. It's also probably a good idea to list some places that we both might want to explore AGAIN together.(places we have both been before)

PLACES TO GO - (Time frame: within the next 6 months to 3 years):

  • Six Flags - (4 - 6 months) I haven't been to Six Flags in at least 20 years. Sure, it's somewhere that we have both been before, but it has dramatically changed in the past two decades. This would be a fun day trip with the kids.

  • Silver Dollar City: (6 - 18 months) Maybe something to do as a late Summer trip, early Fall, or even a Christmas Holiday trip.(?) [Similar situation to Six Flags, but I haven't been there in at least 35+ years]

  • Chicago: (Spring Break 2018 ?) I'm not sure when Karen last went to Chicago, but it was before we started dating. This would be a good weekend trip with the kids.

  • NY, New York: (This Year) Karen hasn't been to NY since she was a senior in high school. The last time she was there, the twin towers still stood; which would make this an awesome city to explore together. This is one of my top bucket list places that I want to travel to; and now that One Trade Tower is completed, I would like to go visit there soon. I wish I could have gone while David Letterman was still doing the Late Show. I wonder how hard it is to get the free Jimmy Fallon or SNL tickets? That might be something that Cindy Harper could help me get. (NOTE: This is not a trip that I would want to go on as a family. This one would have to be kid free)

  • New Orleans, LA: (1 - 3 years) I would love to plan a romantic getaway week, or possibly 5 day weekend, for Karen and I to go down to New Orleans. I'm thinking this would be a Spring or Fall trip. Summers are oppressively humid and hot, and the Winter would seem to blah. I've tried to plan trips to New Orleans twice before in my adult years, and each time I finally saved up the money and got it on the calendar, a hurricane has hit the same week I was scheduled to go. (NOTE: This is not a trip that I would want to go on as a family. This one would have to be kid free)

  • Anything from the Bucket List in the previous post (I'll post a copy of it at the end of this entry)

PLACES We have Been to, together:

  • Naples, FL : 2005 President's Club
  • Naples, FL : 2009 Trip with the kids
  • Everglades, FL : 2005
  • Universal Studios : 2005 - Even though Karen had been years before, the park had doubled in size, and changed dramatically since her previous visit. It was a new experience for both of us.
  • Kennedy Space Center : (same situation as Universal Studios)
  • Pensacola, FL : 2008

I was thinking that this list was much larger than that. We need to start taking more vacations and making more romantic couple getaway vacations or stay-cations.

I've started getting additional details and actual trip planner information, for the trip that I started tossing ideas about at the end of last Summer. It looks like this is really going to happen, and not just the what if scenarios that I tossed around in November after we got back from our Disney Florida trip. That trip proved to me that it really can be done, and it doesn't have to be an overwhelming or nerve shattering task.

I finally came to the conclusion that we either do it, or I stop obsessing over it. So, I've been gathering hard data and research for the past 6 to 7 weeks.

I'm eventually going to need Karen's help to plan this out. We've all seen what happens when I try to plan things for the two of us. I'm such a loser, when it comes to planning surprises and romantic moments for Karen. Everything ends up getting FUBAR in the end, no matter how hard I try. As soon as we do our taxes, I'll get her on board.

Travel Bucket List - Copied from previous post:

My Unexplored Bucket List Places: (In no specific order)

  • Ireland
  • Greece (the Ancient ruins)
  • Rome
  • NY, New York (One World Trade Center, Times Square, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Hard Rock Cafe NY, and the two biggest on my list... *****The Empire State Building, and *****The 911 Memorial and World Trade Center reflecting pools)
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Yellow Stone National Park
  • Niagra Falls
  • Historic Boston, MA
  • Historic Philadelphia (Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House, Franklin Square, Liberty Bell)
  • Salem, MA (Witch Trials locations)
  • Washington DC (I'd love to see the Cherry Blossoms) - Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, Vietnam Wall, Korean War Monument,
  • Cancun, Mexico - Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza and the Yucatan Peninsula
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Biltmore estates (Asheville, NC)
  • The Pacific Ocean (Not 100% sure where I want to see it from - Los Angelas, San Francisco, Long Beach, Santa Monica... ?)
  • Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History
  • New Orleans, LA (French Quarter, maybe Mardi Gras, Haunted tours)
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