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Jack's New Do - The Boy has STYLE

Completely unprompted, Jack asked Karen if I could take him to get a haircut the other day. He told her that he is tired of the long haircut that he has been sporting for the pasty year, and wanted to go back to something much shorter.

On that particular day, none of the stylists that I know were working at either of the salons that I frequent; so we had to wait a couple of days, until this evening. Denise is still out of town; which is OK. She does a great job on my hair, but she didn't do so well with Jack's hair the last time he got it cut (about 4 weeks back). His hair is course and a bit tricky with multiple cowlicks.

Fortunately, Stefanie was working till 9 PM this evening at the O'Fallon Center location, so I checked him in on the schedule and headed to the salon with Jack in tow.

Jack had originally told Karen that he just wanted it short all over, and all off. But I didn't want him to sacrifice style, just for the sake of taking an easy out. He is nearly 13 years old now, and it's time for the boy to learn the difference between a little boy's haircut and having a hairstyle.

I remember that I was just about his same age when I first went to a salon and got something different than bouncing between grown out ruffian and the enforced little boy's cut that Dad's barber would inflict on me with his clippers and straight cut bang lines with the scissors.

So, I spent a few days researching current teen hairstyle trends, and picked a style that I believed would be easy for Jack to style on his own in the morning (with little effort) but have an actual personality to match his.

I showed Stefanie a few photos, and showed her what I liked most from each of the presented cuts. I told her that with his course hair, the top would need to be a bit longer to lay down and fight the cowlicks at the back sides of his crown, and that the under cut should be scissored to a disconnected undercut instead of clippered. She agreed and got Jack washed and ready to go.

It took about 40 minutes of parting, snipping, combing, snipping more and more, until the final results were achieved. She took her time to see how each section would lay as it got progressively shorter. The finished results brought a definite smile to Jack's face. I think he was even more surprised and pleased with the outcome than he had originally figured he would be.

Jack posed for a few photos,and the stylist even took a few of her own to add to her photo portfolio of suggested haircuts for young men Jack's age. It looked that good. jack made me promise not to send any photos to Karen, so that he could surprise her when he walked through the door.

Before heading home, we stopped in at Smoothie King, to get him a mango pineapple smoothie (half of which he shared with his sister).

I realized on the way home, and when reviewing the photos that I took with Karen, that this haircut was one of those life defining moments along his growing up.

My little boy,is not so little of a boy anymore, and he is starting to take notice and pride in his appearance. Both in his hairstyle and in the way he dresses. I kind of suspect that there may be a girl's attentions at the beginning spark of this change, but that's not a bad thing either. Some of my more successful motivations in my teen years were because of the glance or attentions of a girl or two.

My boy is growing up, and in just another month... he will be a Teenager.
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