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Karen,.. You are so Beautiful!

I'm sitting here on the love seat, just enjoying being in the same room with you; and watching you over the top of my phone and Kindle Fire. And All I can think to myself is how much I love you, and just how BEAUTIFUL you are.

You think I'm playing my GOW game, while we wait for something good to come on. But I'm just watching and admiring so many things about you.

You haven't taken a shower yet today, and you would say that there could not be anything sexy about you right now. Well, I guess that means I even like my lady even when she's a little bit on the "skanky" side.

Your hair is pulled back into a really tight pony-bun; and since you haven't washed it yet, it's plastered tight to your head. Almost as if you had some gel in your hair. Your cute little ears are fully exposed, and my mind keeps telling me how much I want to nibble at them. I can see the very shape and silhouette of your head, from forehead to the nape of your neck; and can see at this very minute just how GORGEOUS you would look if you ever had your head shaved bald.

But that cute little pony-bun keeps bouncing at the back of your crown. Every time you look from the game on your screen to the TV and back again. Every time you glance at me, wondering why I have this shit eating grin on my face like the Cheshire Cat. That beautiful red hair just bounces up and down, with it's own magically imbued happiness; and once again, I think... "Oh, how beautiful she is."

Your hair is so gorgeous. While I am admiring the way it looks pulled tight against your head, I also secretly wish you would set it free, and let it down to flow around your soft smiling face. It's almost time to color it again, but the red is still warm and vibrant. I'm equally torn between the desire to see it go back towards a warm golden blonde, and my desire to see the dark red fire that surrounds you when it is a sexy intense red.

I want to slide my way over to you, sneaking up on your unsuspecting mind like a cat stalking its prey. I want to bury my hands into the long silky locks of your hair, and pull your lips against mine to feel their soft warmth engulf my own lips as the hormones surge through my body with pleasure from your kiss.

I want to smell your scent as I breathe in deeply. It is a different scent than when you have recently come out of the shower; with a sweet bouquet of smells from your shampoo, body wash and conditioners. It is a more primal scent, that is not at all unpleasant; but is also not flowery in the way most people think of a woman should smell. A hint of lingering day old perfume. A hint of perspiration from your last night's slumber between the sheets. A feint wisp of smoke from when you were last outside in the garage. And a mix of your own natural smells that only your body and hormones can produce in that exact combination.

It is a scent that uniquely YOU. A scent that I can only smell when I hold you close and embrace you after you have been apart from me for what my mind tells me is far too long. It is a scent that lights a fire deep within my body, and shoots a lightning quick signal to my subconscious mind to desire everything about you.

I want to drink you in, and never let you doubt how much I desire you. Only after I have temporarily satisfied my desire to be so close to you, I would take you by the hand and lead you to the shower; so that I could watch your glorious form undress before my hungry eyes.

I would love to watch the water fall across your shoulders and run like rivers down your beautiful curves. I want to lather up your back, and wash your body as the blood vessels flare and your color turns pink under the luke-warm water and the scrubbing of the body wash. The way you glisten and shine as the soap bubbles wash down the drain.

I want to lather your beautiful hair in sweet smelling shampoo. Massage your scalp and then watch the water run through your long locks, dark and wet against your head and shoulders. I want to watch you work the conditioner into your hair, and see it once again slicked close to your sexy head. So smooth and silky. Shinning and wet.

And once you step out, clean and shiny. The sweet smells wafting as you walk by are intoxicating. You always look so adorable wrapped in your terry cloth robe and your hair piled up on your head under the wrapped towel. My ears pick up the melody of your voice, as you proclaim "I'm Clean!"

And then here once again you would sit. With me admiring you all the same. Remarking in my mind, "Oh How BEAUTIFUL she is!"

I love you so very much.
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