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Show me you LOVE me (Simple & Easy steps to achieve that goal)

My last post got me to thinking about some of the simple and easy things that you could do to actually show me that you are thinking about me. Things that take very little effort at all to accomplish, but would have HUGE impact on the way I feel, or that would bring me joy in our relationship.

These are the little things that would build serious "brownie points" or "love credits" in my heart and soul. These are simple things that can be done at any time in a day, or week, that build more emotional bonds and "honey do" credits in my heart than any number of cooked meals, loads of clean laundry, or clean rooms ever could accomplish. These are things that you could cash in to have me willingly desire to provide cooked meals, clean laundry, or projects around the house to you in return.

Here are just a few things that you could do to SHOW me you love me:

  • Read this journal at least once a month, and learn about the things I think about and feel. Ask me questions, or discuss things that you learn about me, or have concerns about. (Don't use it as a means to interrogate me, or to get mad about. I don't write things here to hurt you, but to empty the thoughts in my head that I am afraid to openly share with you or other people)

  • Flirt with me. Chase me every now and then.

  • Write me love notes,or make me a simple note card. (It doesn't have to be artistic in the same way I make my cards for you).

  • Tell me when you want me to approach you for intimacy. I've gotten mixed signals and rejections so often that approaching you on my own terms is a stressful and demoralizing concept.

  • SURPRISE me with little things now and then. Wear a bold shade of lipstick for no reason at all, other than we are going out together. Dress sexy, just to get my attention... even if we aren't having sex that night. Invite me to bed, and "make out" with me... even if it's just kissing and sensual touching.

  • Want to meet my sexual desires, but Too tired for sex? Offer to tell me a story (even if I've heard the same story a million times, or make up one that turns you on = give me ideas to meet your needs/desires). Invite me to join you in bed for a hand-job (or even for me to pull up tot the "self service pump" next to you), or to use the fleshlight.

  • Find an occasion, or no occasion at all, to wear the leather skirt.

  • Wear one of your LRV (Fetish fashion) outfits for me to join you in our room for a little sexy time, or quick story time, before going to bed for the night; or to sneak out to the garage after the kids go to bed. (I would love this so much)

  • Plan a date night to take me out. Even if I have to pay the bill wherever we go, the fact that you have planned the evening and locations would be so very nice.

  • Touch me: Hold my hand. Caress my face. Casually put your hand on my knee or thigh wkile I am driving, or sitting next to you. Lean on me in public. Put your arms around me when we are with friends. Scratch behind my ears, or massage my neck whe we ate near one another. The simple thrill of your connecting touch fills mecwith joy.

  • Praise me: Say nice things about me in front of our friends.Mention or compliment the things that I do right, in front of others (either on social media, or in discussion) where I can see or hear you doing it. It lets me know I have done something right, and makes me feel proud; and to want to do it again, as often as I can.

  • Ask me to do tjings for you: I like to be asked to help you. It takes away any self doubt that I might have about whether I will do it wrong, or if it is imporyant to you. I get a lot of satisfaction being able to help you, fix things for you, or knowing I have completed something that will make you happy with me.

    Give me realistic honey-do lists, that I can check off and feel a sense of accomplishment for. No need to say thank you, your attention and affection will be thanks enough.

  • Ask me to come to bed: You used to come looking for me, and wake me up for bed. You used to ask me to snuggle you before we would turn out the lights to go to sleep. Those kinds of things made me feel wanted, needed.
    Anymore, I dont ferl like Im wanted, or that I belong in "your" bed.

  • Manhandle me: Grab my dick and hold me in your hands. Touch me in an intimate way. Grope me through my pants for no reason at all now and then. Let me know that I am desirable as a man. Put my personal doubts and fears to rest, and make me feel sexy to you.

  • Ask me to touch you now and then. Your body is a beautiful and wondrous thing to me. I appreciate and desire every aspect of your appearance and physical form. I love to touch your sissy, or to hold your breasts in my hands. I enjoy being asked to explore your body with my lips, hands, or any part of my face.

  • Tease my senses. Whisper in my ear, Nibble at my neck or earlobes. Run your hands through my hair (hopefully someday soon, across the stubble on my head). Play with the short hairs at the back of my neck. Nibble at my lips. Touch my face, or kiss it from top to bottom. Scratch your long, sexy, fingernails along the bare skin of my back or chest.

  • Make love to me at least once a week (except for weeks when Aunt Flo are in town. Then defer to other options listed above).

  • Provide opportunities for me to pleasure you sexually, outside of us having sex or you pleasuring me.
    I love to watch you orgasm. I enjoy watching, or helping, you masturbate. I would love to explore using more of our toys on you, for the sole purpose of providing you with pleasure. Being able to help you achieve sexual pleasure or have an orgasm fulfills a very important emotional need for me. (I would give anything in the world to be allowed to go down on you and perform oral sex on you. Even if I have to brush my teeth a dozen times, and then gargle antibacterial listerine or sanitizer first)

  • Invite me out for your smoke breaks more often. I'm always horny for you. I'm convinced that that fact will never change. I'm ready and willing at almost any hour of the day, provided I don't think that I'm an inconvenience or an after thought. (When I have to ask, it breaks my spirit, and kills the mood). besides, I already masturbate daily. And I most often use photos or videos you have let me make of you. Unlike MEMOREX, I prefer my inspiration to be live and in person. If you are already going out anyway, let me know that you would like for me to come out and join you for a quickie.

    Speaking of which...... You can't keep smoking forever. I dont want you to. You need to quit again, and I WANT YOU TO QUIT SMOKING. so....

  • PLEASE SHAVE MY HEAD BALD: When you think you might be getting ready to quit smoking, PLEASE plan a romantic date night/weekend and make a hotel reservation for a smoking room at the Ameristar Casino Hotel (I'll pay the bill), and let me know that you have made a date to be my Fantasy Barberette and that YOU "want to shave my head bald." Be my fantasy barberette, and keep me bald for a few months, and then let me help you quit smoking again.

    - If you need source material of ideas (suggestions, not demands) of what to do that night at the hotel, this journal is full of plenty of suggestions that would make that night Super Special, and a Dream Come True for me. (All you need to do is click on any tag that says "barberette", and you will have 7 plus years of hopes and fantasies to draw inspiration from. I am particularly fond of the ideas documented beginning at around SEP 25, 2015, and continuing through APR - JUN 20, 2016 )
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