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Aunt Flo brought a friend

So, I suppose Aunt Flo was either upset that she missed the Bon Jovi concert last month, or she just really didn't want Karen to enjoy the show.

She literally showed up right in the middle of tonight's concert in Memphis, TN. AND... to make matters worse, she brought another nasty head cold with her. The head cold is making Karen's nose run, her head hurt, and making her cough so hard that even her sides hurt; and she is nearly tinkling herself each time she has a coughing fit.

Karen has been absolutely miserable, all day long. She was barely able to enjoy the first hour and a half of the show; before it became too much for her to bear, and we had to leave.

Karen had to miss the end of the show, and some of the best songs. I feel so bad for her. It's not fair to her, and the worst part is she feels bad,like she thinks she is letting me down.

Good thing I left the majority of the hotel activity items at home; and other than a couple outfits that I stashed in my pillow case, the rest is still out in the car. No one's giving, or getting, any erotic haircuts on this trip.
- Im beginning to believe something more than bad luck and fate are acting to prevent that situation from happening. Time to take the hint, huh? Oh well, I look and feel better in long hair anyway.

I should have looked at the calendar, and realized that this wouldn't work out. Sometimes, I really hate Aunt Flo; and that is nothing that is under Karen's control.

So much for planning a romantic get away. I suck! Seriously...
I just need to give up trying.

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