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My tweets - Weight Loss = 25 lbs

It's getting harder and harder to lose any weight. I'm finally down by 25 pounds, but it seems that I've hit a brick wall. I should still be losing at least 5 pounds per week, but I'm stalled out at my prior weight, before I put on all of the weight last Summer and Fall.

I'm trying to eat healthy food choices (although that is not always easy with our crazy schedules), and I'm drinking water instead of soda and sugary drinks. I've slumped a bit in my daily activity above the minimum that I have set on my fitbit, but I am still staying much more active than I ever have in the past.

I've hit a couple of personal best, record days for stair climbing, etc... But my body is paying a heavy toll for that effort. I've built up the stamina, and the muscle memory to be able to do the work, and to push my physical endurance; but I keep coming back to pains caused by my prior injuries.

My SI joints are screaming at me to stop. My feet are swollen, and the heel spurs I had several years ago are threatening to return. I'm taking extra precaution to do stretches and flexibility exercises each day, but there is only so much that can do to a damaged body.

A part of me wants to just give up again. I mean, who am I kidding? I'm 46, fat, ugly, and lazy. I've hit this barrier before, and I've never been able to punch through it. If I could just get sub 230 lbs again, and spark some new motivation. If only I could get this gut off of my body, and stop looking like a middle aged pregnant man.

I keep telling myself that for every 8 pounds that I can lose, it is like setting down a 1 gallon jug of water. So far, I've set down three. I had figured on at least 4 by now, but it hasn't happened.

I'm going to keep pushing the stairs. Just today, I read a story about a man who has lost 170 pounds by doing nothing more than stair climbing each day on his lunch breaks. He recently climbed the distance that it would take to reach orbit in outer space. That's the equivalent of 50 miles, or 21,000 flights, of stairs.
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