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My tweets - Focus on Happiness

  • Tue, 12:53: Tuesday Time Out: Focusing on Happiness - I'm taking a moment to follow step 3: Thinking about my wife's tender kisses & hugs from my kid.https://t.co/YJ8dipWWwb

  • Wed, 11:06: Q: How often should a person tell Chemistry jokes? A: Periodically.

I really needed this today. I have been doing a series of Life Journeys from various sources (Including Redbrick Health, and Live Well at Citi) in order to try to continuously improve my physical and mental health. Lord knows I have struggled with both over the years.

But happiness seems to be one that I am in a losing battle against. I am not a happy man. In spite of what one might see on my various social media accounts, things are not roses and sunshine in my life. Most days it is more of a struggle than my smile and pleasant attitude let on. So, to help point myself in the right direction, I often do little exercises such as this to keep my nose and mouth above the drowning murk that is constantly trying to suck me down.
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