Digger (digzmania) wrote,

LEGO Movie - Daddy time with the Kids

I took the kids to see the new LEGO Batman movie this afternoon.
(Yep, the same one that I had originally planned to have one of the grandmas take the kids to see, while I was supposed to have been out on my date night, last night.)

It wasn't half bad. I wasn't quite as thrilled with it as I was the original LEGO Movie, but I loved that they stayed true to the characterization that they created for Batman in the original movie.

I dozed off a few times during the middle of the movie, but I got the over all gist of the story line, and saw all of the major character developments.

The crux of the movie centers around Batman's (Bruce Wayne's) inability to let anyone get close to him, because of the tragic events of losing his parent's when he was a child. Everyone has to be kept at an emotional distance, and his cocky attitude is a direct result of his inability to let anyone know that he might care for them. It's all an emotional wall, and a show, to get attention and gratification in life; while at the same time pushing away any needs for any real and personal relationships.

"Who needs "Family" when you have riches, adoration, and fame?"

The kids and I each got a large soda, and then shared a giant tub of buttered popcorn. The popcorn may have been a mistake. Delaney has been complaining of a tummy ache all afternoon, and my stomach is feeling a bit woozy as well. Too much butter and oil, on an empty stomach, maybe.

The kids really liked the movie, and had a great time.
Tags: family, kids, kids' movies
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