Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Weekend Box Office: Top 3

For the Weekend of 02/10 - 02/12/2017

    #1. LEGO Batman : $55.6 MILLION

    #2. Fifty Shades Darker : $46.8 MILLION

    #3. John Wick : $30 MILLION

Well, I did my part for the top two movies, even though I only got to actually see one of them.

LEGO Batman was a very fun and cute movie. The kids loved it, and I enjoyed that it followed along with the characterization of batman that was originally introduced in The LEGO Movie.

While there is never a full crossover between the LEGO World and reality, the story even continued to elude to the Great Void under the (table) City of Gotham; very much the same as when Emmet fell out of the LEGO world and into the Human World on Finn's Lego table, in The LEGO Movie.
Tags: movies
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