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The Game is Underway,... (ADULT CONTENT)

... and the Play Clock is Ticking.

The advance sale movie tickets are purchased for the FIVE STAR Lounge at Des Peres 14 Cinema, and the Movie "After Party" Room has been reserved as well.

I know I had said that I didn't want to ever go to the Ameristar Casino again without it being a special date night that Karen had planned special for me; but most of the other hotels in St Charles County have gone smoke free. This room is a little more expensive than I had wanted to spend, but I hadn't thought of the hotel idea until just a few weeks ago; and in order to have gotten the cheaper advanced booking rate, I would have had to booked the hotel room over a month ago.

But I'm really excited. This is going to be a very fun and exciting night, and probably the most AMAZING Valentine's Day Date (albeit 4 days before Valentine's Day) I've ever planned.

I've already finished two of the letters that will go into her Valentine's Cards for this special evening; which is separate form the Valentine's Cards I got for the 14th.

Since we will be at the Ameristar again for the first time since 2010: In true 50 Shades of Grey copycat fashion, I have even written up a couple of fun little contracts for Karen to read (if I get time, I'll type them up. but first, I have to finish reading the 2nd book) and negotiate the possible terms of her possibly giving me a haircut while we are there.
I've starting packing several fun kits for us to play with in the hotel. We'll have two Queen Sized beds to use (one for play and the other for sleeping), but I don't think we will get very much sleep until way late Sunday morning. {{{WEG}}}

  • Contract #1: Among other things, sex at least one night a week, etc...

  • Contract #2: (optional) Terms under which she may cut my hair, and shave my head.

  • Fun Kit #1: Blindfold, Paddle, Soft Flogger, PVC Gloves, Wrist Restraints, Ankle Restraints, Male PVC Thong, Male Camo Thong, Female Black Satin Thong.

  • Fun Kit #2: (To be packed later) Hair Clippers - 2 Sets, Corded Mini-Clippers, Cordless Beard Trimmer, Hair Scissors, MACH 3 Razors, Shaving Cream, Shaving Brush, Scented Shaving gel, Virginia Slims 120s Cigarettes (one pack).

  • CAMERA KIT: Mini DV Camcorder, Canon Powershot S2 IS (5mp), Canon Powershot A3100 IS (12mp), GoPRO Hero 3+, and one tripod.
  • FASHION KIT: (to be packed later) Latex Rubber Dress - BLK, Blue PVC Dress, PVC Stockings, Sheer Thigh High Stockings, Domme PVC Ball Gown, Walmart Special Blue Satin top, Leather mini skirt.

  • Fun Kit #3: BOB's (Adult Toys and Batteries), and presents (I bought some games for us to play, that we can also use to play with friends at a later game night.)

  • Relaxation Kit: 12 pack of Bud Select Bottles, assorted Shots.

I would much rather have had Karen keep her original Barberette promise, and for HER to have been the one to have scheduled a special haircut date night on her own; but if I wait on her, I'll be dead by the time she ever gets around to it. So I'm keeping my options open for it to happen that night. There is a very good chance that I will walk into that hotel with a long ponytail, and leave with a shiny smooth head. I may only have 10 more days to admire and enjoy my long hair. (I'm Nervous)
Nothing says I HAVE to cut my hair that night, but I will have everything we need, and be prepared in case it goes down that path. I think I would kick myself in the butt if I had another shot at a room at the Ameristar and didn't take advantage to live out the fantasy that has been playing out in my mind for nearly 7 long years now. It has been almost 10 years since the last time my head was shaved bald.

Besides, Karen really needs to quit smoking; and finally having her cut my hair off may be the catalyst to finally set that into motion. She says that she hasn't quit because she doesn't have the will power to do it, but I think a part of her is still using me as an excuse.

The only thing left to do is figure out which mom is for sure able to watch the kids, and then finish packing up all of the items we can have fun with at the hotel. I think I'll start dropping hints about our night of Fun and Adventure this next Monday.

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