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The Game is afoot

Plans and schemes are in motion, and this year's Valentine's Day date is going to be extra romantic and fun. In fact, I am going to enjoy it, along with Karen, so much, that I may have to count it as part of my birthday celebration for the month. {{{WEG}}}

Just got off the phone with Des Peres 14, and have confirmed that the movie I plan to take Karen to see on Saturday the 11th will in fact be showing in their 5 STAR Lounge. I have to wait until Wednesday for their website to update, and for the advanced lounge tickets to become available for pre-sale.

I think the timing is going to work out great too. I'm almost finished with reading the second book; and none too soon, I want to start sleeping at night again, and not passing out from exhaustion right after dinner every night after work. I can tell that Karen is starting to get annoyed that I come home, eat, fall asleep, and don't get much done around the house to help out. But it's all going to pay off in just 12 days from now; and if I finish the book by the end of this next weekend, I can start making up for it in the days just ahead of that weekend.

So, tickets are in the works. I've set up a reminder to remind me as soon as they go on sale.

I am going to have to do some research on hotel arrangements for the night. I don't want to go to Ameristar, because I'm waiting for Karen to decide to make an effort to schedule when/if that special night ever possibly happens; and I don't necessarily want to go back there until it does. So I figured I would book the Drury Inn. But they have all gone to Smoke Free environments, and what fun is a 50 Shades themed hotel stay if I can't indulge in one of my most intense turn-ons as part of the festivities. This may prove to be a challenge to find something close by. I'll get back to that later.

The final piece of the puzzle will be to arrange for the kids to spend the night with my mom. The Lego Batman movie comes out that same weekend. I think I'll bribe them by having Mom take them to a movie that same night.
I thought about asking Jo Ann to just come over to watch the kids at our house, and she could also take them to the Lego Movie, but I don't want to risk letting this surprise out of the bag. (Guess it's a good thing neither she or Karen reads my journal anymore. In the case of Karen, that's an often frustrating, yet sometimes helpful situation).

By this coming weekend I should have more of these details hammered out.

Now, to do that hotel research. {{{{Excited grin from ear to ear}}}}
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