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I go back to work tomorrow - Need to go to sleep

I've been off of work Since Christmas, and tomorrow is my first day back after 11 days of vacation. It's going to rough enough as it is, but even worse if I don't get some sleep. I've been staying up WAY too late the past few nights, and not getting nearly enough sleep. I'm starting a bad trend, right in the middle of starting my new healthier me trend.

My new Fitbit has been helping me track daily exercise, calorie intake, and water consumption. It also helps me track my sleep patterns; and for the first 9 days that I had it, I was making sure to get all of the required sleep that my body needs. I think getting proper sleep will be crucial in helping me lose weight and feel better.

Of course, I've been sabotaging my own goals the past couple of nights. Not really intentionally, because I don't want to get the sleep I want and need; but yeah, intentionally because I have found something else that is hogging time away from Mr. Sandman.

On Monday, I saw a TV trailer for the next 50 Shades movie that comes out the middle of next month. So, in order to catch up on a series that Karen has already read, and seen the first movie for (which I haven't,.. yet).
I'm starting over in the series, with the first book 50 Shades of Grey, and spent way too much time last night reading late at night when I should have been asleep. It's the only time I have that I can read, and not risk being caught or being interrupted. Two nights in a row now, my reading sessions have extended well past 1 and 2 Am in the morning; and unfortunately I'm not making very speedy progress.

I've gotten out of the habit of reading books on a regular basis. Used to be one of my favorite pass times. Well, this is not exactly my usual style, or genre, of book. That's making things seem a bit sluggish, but the end goal and result should be well worth it. I'm glad to have found something erotic and somewhat romantic, to lead up to sharing an interest in the story with Karen. It has given me several ideas for a date night and activities do together at around Valentine's day. That's all I'll say about that at this point, so as to not give away any specific plans or details.

Back to other news...

So, yeah. I'm well into my first week using my new Fitbit Charge HR. I LOVE IT! Probably one of the best presents I've ever gotten, and practical too. I know I'm only one week into the new routine, and I'm probably driving Karen and the kids nuts with it; but I have serious hopes to getting healthier this year. I've already dropped a lot of quick Holiday weight, and it is encouraging. If only I can stick with it long enough to make the new changes a regular habit. That will be the real challenge. They day it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit; well, I'm 1/3 of the way there so far.

I'm so excited. By the time that Summer gets here, I could be in a healthier body, looking good again. Maybe I'll slim down enough that Karen will actually want me again. :-)
Heck, right now, I don't even want me. I look like a 50 year old pregnant man. When I look into the mirror, and see my profile, even I'm so disgusted that I don't want to touch myself. No wonder she doesn't.

But that all changes starting now. I'm going to get sexy again, for my Bubbie Bee; or I'll kill myself trying. Either way is a win win in my eyes.

So here's wishing the best for a New Year:

  • Healthier me (eating right, getting blood pressure under control)

  • Skinny body (losing at least 30 to 40 pounds)

  • Stronger body (daily exercise)

  • SEXIER ME (getting Karen to want me again, and having sex more than 4 times a year - I'm shooting for at least 4 times a month)

  • More ROMANCE and intimacy (Maybe sh will return some of the flirts and romantic gestures that I send out)

  • Being happy again (Both of us)

Here's to a better, happier, 2017
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