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Running on Empty - So tired. (so excited)

I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. I think I've only averaged about 4 or 5 hours of sleep over the past couple of nights, and I'm starting to run out of juice.

I wish I were a faster reader. It doesn't help that I keep falling asleep mid page, and then have to re-read what I just finished reading. It would also help if I could just get more engrossed into the story line of this first book. So much of it just seems so absurd. I have to admit that I am not making as much progress as I had hoped to.

I may lose my mind, and go mad, by the time I finish both of these two books. From a combination of the the story content, and from the pure lack of sleep. But it will all be worth it in the end.... I hope.

Some of the writing style is cracking me up. The constant "Mr. Grey, Miss Steele," as the two characters attempt to speak 'formalese' to one another in their own cute way. By the end of this venture, I may have to resort to calling Karen "Miss Chambers." But, I can't very well have her call me Mr Grey, and I haven't yet figured out a suitable code name for myself.

Maybe I should draw up a contract of expected behaviors and activities, and see how Karen responds to that. Um, nope! the last time I did anything remotely close to that, she completely shut down on me and reneged on her promise to be my Sexy barberette for the Summer of 2012.

Maybe, instead of a spanking, or random BDSM fantasy; I should blindfold her, tie her wrists together, and give her the first snips of that short haircut she said she wanted to get back last June. I love and adore her long hair, but if that's the key to getting her turned on, it might just be worth it in the end. And... of course..., I would gladly let her return the favor in kind.

Is that the key? WHAT is the key?

I keep asking myself:
  • What is it about this story that so intrigues her?
  • How do I find the answer to the secret puzzle, that will help me unlock Karen's libido again?
  • What does this story have that I am not providing to her?
  • Why can't Karen want me the way Ana wants Christian?
  • Better yet, why can't Karen want and desire me the way I want and desire her?

    A part of me is getting hopeful, excited, and incredibly turned on by the prospect of possibly figuring that out; and it is killing me that I have to wait another 3 whole weeks to take her to see the movie (50 Shades Darker) when it comes out.

    Which reminds me. Dang it! I have to hurry up and finish reading this book, so that I can find a copy of the first movie and watch it. I'm almost done, and then I can also start reading the second book) I want to go to sleep so bad right now, but I'm behind on my projected page count for the day.

    I'm too excited to sleep. It has taken me 17 days to get this near to the end of this book. I have to finish it. Karen is going to be so surprised. The only reason I can stand the wait is because I still need time to read.... OMG! this is nuts. LOL

    I guess I'll sleep when I die.
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