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Ignored... Again. :-(

Yesterday afternoon, I sent the following text message to Karen.
I had been thinking of her all day, and my heart was over-flowing with love and passion for my wife. All I could think about was my desire to share my thoughts and feelings with her in that moment. To flirt with the woman I love and desire.

Now, maybe I'm confused here, but the last time I checked it is customary for a person to at least give some sort of response when someone is flirting with them. Especially when the flirt is coming from your spouse. When that person is someone who loves you. When that someone is a person you claim to love.
But I got no response at all. Not when she finally read the text later that evening (we were sitting together, along with our daughter, in the living room when she saw it on her phone), nor at any time after that.

I finally worked up the resolve and courage to ask her about it earlier today, and mentioned that she had never responded to my text. Her only response was "what response was I supposed to give?" "I guess none," was my only reply.

What am I doing wrong? What is wrong with me? Why doesn't my wife want me? Why does she deliberately ignore me, and my needs for her? How can she be so cold to me when all I do is pour out my heart and soul to her over and over again; in spite of the constant rejection?

I'm really starting to seriously question why I bother at all. At anything. What's the point?
I'm dying inside, and my heart is going cold; and she doesn't even care.

      Monday 3:19 PM

      "I want to taste your kiss, and feel your soft lips on mine."

      "I want to breathe in your scent, while I kiss your cheek, nibble your ear, and nuzzle my face at the base of your neck."

      "I want to feel the beat of your heart, as your body presses hard against mine."

      "I want to feel the silkiness of your sexy long hair, as I wrap it around my fingers and use it to pull you closer to me."

      "I want to hear the quickness of your breathing, as I move inside of you; focused only on you and your pleasure in that loving moment."

      "I want to lay by your side, as I hold your glorious beauty in my adoring arms; and let you fall asleep in the glow of our love."
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