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2016 is my last year being fat and out of shape!

No, this is not my New Year's resolution. It's my declaration and will to live a healthier life.

I've told myself before that I am tired of being fat. Tired of being out of shape. Tired of watching my body get softer and more out of control.

In the past I've made excuses: If only I had the right exercise equipment. If only I had a gym membership. If only I had the right clothing to go out and walk, jog, run in my free time at night. If only someone else would do this with me. IF ONLY...

Well, I've said if only too many times. I've watched too many others that have said "if only" who have died of heart attacks or suffered strokes. I've watched my blood pressure steadily rise year after year, until the doctor is thinking I need medicine to control it. I've felt my blood sugars start to fluctuate in ways that are concerning to me. I see myself out of breath doing routine tasks, and it terrifies me.

I don't want to be that next statistic. Christmas morning, I stepped on the scale, and it told me that I weighed just over 260 pounds. That's the heaviest I have EVER been in my life. And trust me, I feel it; and it does not feel good.

So, I am now 6 days into a new plan of attack; aided by the Fitbit Charge 2 HR that karen bought me for Christmas. I've already lost nearly 7 pounds, and aside from being very ill with a nasty cold the past few days, I'm starting to see the beginning benefits to my daily actions and routine.

I've found that I don't need fancy equipment. I can climb the stairs right here in my house. Building strength in my legs, and triggering a fat burning heart rate as I climb up, and allowing a brief cool down of the muscles, while keeping moving on my way down. No need to kill myself all at once, just a set of 10 several times a day.

No need to fancy weights. I can lift water jugs while sitting right here in my comfy computer chair, and help strengthen my arms, chest and shoulders; all a little bit at a time.

I can lose weight through a combination of movement and heart conditioning, while counting my daily caloric intake. More calories out than in, and I should get steady results. Making sure that I am active (aerobic or fat burn heart rate) for at least 30 minutes every day. Making better food choices. realizing just what and how much of what I am putting into my body.

One huge step... No soda (unless it's a special occasion, like out to the movies, ballpark, etc...), no drinking jugs of sweet tea in a single day. Sweet tea will be my treat with dinner, or a morning caffeine boost. But the rest of the day will be water. Lots and lots of water. I am making a commitment to be sure my body is hydrated. I'm starting with a goal of 50 oz of water, above and beyond my usual drinking, each and every day. When I get a hunger pain, drink water. When I'm bored, drink water. When I wake up, drink water. Eat a meal, drink water.

I know that it's not always going to be easy. But I know that if I start with realistic goals (I'm not going to be muscle bound, or running marathons in weeks or months), and form those goals into habits (they say it only takes 21 days to form a habit, and I'm 6 days in), I have to believe that I can do this.

I HAVE to do this... or else I fear my name will be in the IN MEMORIAM category by this time next year.

Start small. Stay the course. Set goals, and make them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely-Trackable)
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