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Christmas Wishlist 2016

OK. So, Christmas is only one month away at this point, and people are starting to ask me what I want.

Isn't it weird how when we are children, we have these long lists of THINGS (physical possessions) that we WANT; and by the time we are adults we have lists of things (many intangible) we need, but have trouble asking for material things. I guess that at my age, I either purchase the things I want, or decide that they are too expensive to really need. So, when people ask me "what do you want for Christmas," I feel uncomfortable asking for something I haven't already bought for myself, because at some point in time I've decided it is too expensive, or frivolous, to spend the money on for myself.

Things I would love to have:

  • A leaf blower/mulching vacuum. Electric or gas is fine, although electric would be easier for me to maintain.

  • GoPro LCD Touch BacPac for HERO3+.
    Karen bought me a really awesome GoPro HERO3+, but I really would like to have more of a chance to use it for something other than a desktop camera. I'm not the type of guy that is on an outdoor adventure that lends itself to attaching a camera to a helmet and filming myself biking up and down the fast paced trail on a mountain bike, or skiing down a mountain slope, or hang gliding, or skydiving. I might video myself hiking on a trail, or exploring the great outdoors with the scouts, but I also want to be able to see what I'm filming. To be honest, I'll use it more like a super durable camcorder than a strap and go device.
    Even though I could technically use my LG G3 phone to function as a viewfinder, that would mean holding two devices, and using up phone battery power. So, the better solution is to add the view screen to the GoPro.

  • Fitbit Charge 2 HR+ Fitness I am in a most desperate need to get myself into better physical health. A significant part of that is an immediate need to lose weight, and monitor my heart health and blood pressure. A fitbit would be a very useful tool towards that end. I've tried using my phone's LG Health app to monitor my daily steps, but I often find that I have left it plugged in on my desk, or that it is very inaccurate in recording the true number of steps I make in a day.

  • LEGO Games for the XBOX ONE: I love playing LEGO video games on our Wii and XBOX ONE. I have several that I play from time to time, and it is a very enjoyable way to just unwind and have fun, while exploring the story that each game unfolds. There are several to choose from that I do not yet have.
    • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
    • The LEGO Movie
    • LEGO Marvel Avengers
    • LEGO Batman

  • Some other things I would like to receive for Christmas:

  • A Bed to sleep in at night. Most nights, I sleep in my comfy chair downstairs; but the truth is, that it's not all that comfy, and I'd much rather be in bed next to my Bubbie Bee. I just don't feel that I'm wanted, or belong, there. I've tried to sleep in the bed a few times over the past couple of months, but then I'm told about how much I snored all night or that I woke her coming to bed. (I often fall asleep watching TV, and don't wake up to know to go to bed until around 1 or 2 AM) There used to be a time when Karen would come wake me to take me to bed with her. I miss those days.

  • Anything BEAVER themed. When I first went to Wood Badge, and learned that I would be a member of the Troop 1 Beaver Patrol as my Wood Badge Critter, I was told by many scouters how that once people found out what my critter was, I would forever be receiving gifts from friends and relatives with things containing that critter. Necklaces, shirts, stuffed animals, figurines and statues, hats, etc... I was excited, although the anticipation of this situation made me at times wish I had been a Bear. I do collect bears.

    To date, with the exception of a few things that Karen has purchased for me at the scout shop, no one buys me anything with a beaver on it. It has been a little disappointing. Not at all like what I have seen other scouters experiences to be.

    This past year, I finally completed all of my tickets, and earned my neckerchief and second bead. It would be neat to receive some Beaver regalia to celebrate that achievement. I guess the difference is that most of my scouter friends who have completed Wood Badge, also come from families that have scout traditions over several generations in their family. They understand and appreciate what the critter means to the Scouter. Jack is our family's first Boy Scout (I was only a cub scout for a little more than a year), and I'm the first scouter (scout leader). So, my expectations were not realistically founded. Still, it would be nice to receive random gifts and tokens to celebrate my graduation as a Beaumont Benevolent Beaver of Wood Badge Course C3-312-14-2.
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