Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Red Hot Mama

Just finished coloring Karen's hair, and now we're just waiting for it to process before she can get in the shower to rinse the color out. When she is done, I'll pop into the shower to wash my hair and start getting ready for our date to go see Trans Siberian Orchestra, at the Scottrade center.

Karen had two color options to choose from. L'Oreal Preference 4M - Mahogany Brown, and L'Oreal Preference RR04 - Intense dark red. When I told her that we had time to color her hair this afternoon before we leave, and if she wanted me to do it to go ahead and put on a sport bra, I decided that I wasn't going to be pushy and tell her what color I wanted to use on her hair. Both colors were in the bathroom, and she chose. I would not have said a word negatively in either case, but I have to admit that i was pleasantly surprised when she handed me the box of Intense dark red.

Of all of the red hair colors that I have ever used on Karen's hair, RR04 has been my favorite ever since she first let me try it on her hair at the end of Summer, in August of 2011.

I do a good job at coloring hair, as long as it's a one step process. I wish I had enough knowledge and expertise to be able to give Karen highlights. I'd love to follow up with some golden and copper highlights in her hair, to give it more depth and dimension beyond just being red.
Tags: hair color, karen, karen's hair, red, red hair
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