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What are you waiting for?

Its just a few days shy of two months since I told Katen that I think it is time for her to quit smoking again, and that she can cut my hair whenever she is ready.

For the past six months or so, she has randomly made comments that she is tired of smoking, and wants to be able to quit again. On more than one occasion, she has specifically said the wotds,"you need to hurry up and let me cut all your hair off, so I can quit smoking."

So, the thing that baffles me most, is that ever since the night that she asked me about the note I left on her pack of cigarettes, letting her know I am ready for her to quit; it seems as if she is smoking even more ever since that night. I dont get it.

Im starting to think that she doesnt really want to quit. She likes it too much, and I was a convenient excuse to justify why she is still smoking.

Yes, I still think it is sexy to watch her smoke. Its a huge turn on for me. But I am concerned about her health, and I worry about how much she is smoking. It seems she is out of control, and smoking way too much.

So, Im ready to help her quit. She just needs to pick a date, and we can go play out my barberette fantasy. She can shave my head. And then she can start trying to quit this habit once again.

Bubbie Bee, You need to quit smoking. Whenever you are ready to do that, I'll let you give me a haircut.

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