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Aunt Flo showed up to vote

It's difficult not to have a deep seated animosity towards a "woman" who makes house calls to your lover's va-jay-jay more frequently than you do. Especially when she gets to stay for 6 - 7 days at a time, and I'm lucky if I get a 10 to 20 minutes per visit.

Let's just examine the past several months:

JUN 27 - Aunt Flo week
JUL 09 - Me
JUL 22 - Aunt Flo week
AUG 15 - Aunt Flo week
SEP 11 - Me
SEP 12 - Aunt Flo week
SEP 25 - Me
OCT 10 - Aunt Flo week
NOV 08 - Aunt Flo week
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