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Mullen Family Fun Day - Zoo 2016

This family spent the day at the St. Louis Zoo.

It has been quite some time since this group of rowdies has had a Mullen Family Fun Day, and even longer since we last visited the St Louis Zoo. Even though not a whole lot changes from year to year, I enjoy bringing the family to the zoo. We try to make a habit of getting down here at least once per year. It's a tradition. We've been bringing the kids since before they were both old enough to walk the zoo by themselves.

Besides, Zoo admission is free, and the things that you do have to pay for are all fairly reasonably priced. We packed our own lunch, and ate on a nice area near the Art Museum.

Our zoo is really awesome. Nowhere else in the United States can you go to a caliber of zoo that matches the St. Louis Zoo, and is also free. You can only find a handful of zoos that match the caliber of this zoo anywhere, free or not.

The Polar Bear exhibit is quite the sight to see, and they are making good progress on the new Grizzly Bear exhibit. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing those bears when they get here. I love bears. Speaking of which, the red panda was making an appearance today. he is usually sound asleep. Maybe the nice weather got him into a good mood.

The only species of animal that our zoo does not have, that I really wish we could get, is wolves. The nearest wolves to St. Louis are at the Wild Canid Center, down hwy 44; and I haven't been there in years. Karen took me there, as a birthday present, quite some years ago. We went for a night howl walk, and story time. I keep meaning to go back and get a chance to see the wolves, but haven't managed it so for.

The nearest zoo, that I am aware of as having wolves as an exhibit, is the Zoo in Memphis, TN. One of these days, I'm going to find a reason to go down there, and I'm going to see their Timber Wolves. The only other thing I know if to do in Memphis is Graceland; and I saw that back in 1998. I think Karen has been there before, too. If not, maybe I'll make that a family trip idea, and we can all go to Graceland and the Memphis Zoo.

I think I would also like to see the zoo in Chicago as well, although I've heard it is relatively small in comparison. And both of these other zoos charge admission. Maybe I'll pin both of them in my Pinterest category of Places I want to go before I die.

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