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Month 51

I guess Month 51 must be similar to Area 51, because it is a mystery to me as to how we've come this far and I'm still in the dark as to when, or if, anything is going to happen.

51 months have passed, since Karen proposed the deal of her being my Barberette for the three Summer months of 2012.

It has now been 21 days since I told Karen that I think she needs to quit smoking; so the window for her to be able to be my Barberette is possibly coming to a close sometime very soon.
Although, it seems that she has been smoking even more ever since I mentioned I thought she should quit. Just like everything else, she is bent and determined to do the exact opposite of anything I say to her. Give it a few more months, and the best way to get her to go back to blonde would be to tell her that I don't want her to ever bleach it out again. I might even get her to bob it, if I happen to mention that I now hate bobbed hair. I dont, really, but if I said it to her, I'm sure she'd be sporting a bob cut within the next month after I said I did. (Although, now that her beautiful long hair is red again, I REALLY do not want to see her cut it. I was excited about the idea of seeing her in a blonde bob, and even possibly going to the salon for a short, platinum, spikey, crop cut [or as Karen puts it, duck butt]. But not now. I want to see her darker hair grow all the way down to her butt.

I feel like I have been hinting, asking, and outright begging for her to be my Smokin' Hot Barberette, and shave my head again for 4 long years now. Which is probably exactly why she hasn't. That, and the simple fact that it would mean she would have to commit to having a regular, normal sex life with me once she has done the deed.

There are two main conditions required before I will consider cutting my hair:
1) Barberettes smoke. Smoke while cutting my hair and/or shaving my head, and smoke as part of sexual foreplay.
2) My barberette has to be willing to have sex with me on a regular basis; at least once a week, unless aunt flo is in town. If aunt flo is here, we find a suitable alternative intimate activity.

The original "promise" was to plan a special day, and date night, where she would dress up and give me a series of erotic haircuts; each one shorter and shorter, until I'm shaved completely bald.
Then, for the following three months, she would keep me bald and be my smoking barberette; razor shaving my head twice a week, and having sex at least once a week, for the duration of that three months.

I was hoping, that by telling her I thought she needed to start thinking about quitting smoking, early this month... That it would give her time to start thinking about when she might want to be my Barberette, and start the three months of shavings. Afterwards, we can get her a new vape, and get her back off of the cigarettes.

Like I said, that was my thinking. I have reached a point where I have absolutely no clue as to what she is thinking. Some days, Im not sure of anything at all anymore.

Like Area 51, it's a mystery.
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