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My tweets : The Long & Short of it.

  • Fri, 22:53: At KJM's 25 yr HS Reunion. Been 5 yrs since I cut my hair short. I've had 5 separate ppl tell me they are glad I grew my hair back long. LOL

Ladies go cray-cray over my long hair, and I get compliments and attention all of the time because of it.Sadly, I get more flirts from ladies at work, and out in public, because of my hair, than I get at home from the lady I most want attention from.

And, the most ironic thing about it all, is that the thing I desire and fantasize about most, is to get special attention from my wife as she cuts and shaves it all off.

I'd love nothing more than to have Karen tease and flirt with me; and I know how much she loves short hair on a guy. I would like to be on the receiving end of that appreciation.

The sexiest, most romantic and intimate, situation I can dream of would be to have Karen plan a special date night where the end of the evening culminated in her playing the part of my Barberette and then making passionate love to me after she has cut all of my hair off.

Put on some leather or vinyl, light up a long sexy cigarette, and then take the scissors to my hair. Send these long locks falling to the floor around me. Then blow a long, white stream of smoke into my face as she plunges the clippers into the hair at my forehead and repeatedly runs the hungry blades from front to back until my head is left with nothing but soft fuzz. After lighting up another long white cigarette, she would follow up with the beard trimmers and reduce the half inch fuzz to nothing but stubble. Then it's time for the shaving cream and MACH 3 razor. My barberette will keep smoking and shaving until every last hair is gone, and my head is completely bald.

And then, just as important as everything I just detailed above, it will be time to start planning for my Bubbie Bee to finally be smoke free again. I want to be bald again. To feel her shave my head, and caress my smooth scalp again. To feel the warm smoke blown across my naked head head again. And then for her to be done once and for all with cigarettes, and quit smoking again.
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