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What are your thoughts on a Blonde Bob or Crop Cut?

I know that last Fall (October) you had given some serious thought to cutting your hair much shorter (or, to put it in your own words, "chop it all off."), and you didn't because I asked you to keep it long. Thank you, by the way. I really appreciate you doing that for me.

I know we are in that time of year (well, one of the two times a year), when you get antsy to change things up a bit.

I have been wondering if you are still thinking about cutting it shorter, and whether or not you would consider a blonde bob cut? Have you seen Brandy Jones' hair lately. She's had a really cute bob for a couple of months now, but it looks like she has been adding more highlights to it each time she gets it trimmed up.

Seeing her bob cut go from dark to lighter each month has made me think about how you are wanting to go darker this coming Fall. I was thinking that maybe we could bob your hair and do a reverse of Brandy's tactic, and go a little bit darker each month; until we reach the color that you are wanting to achieve after the blonde.

Just a thought. I loved the bob cut that Kris gave you two Summers ago, and think that same bob (or one like Brandy's) would look super sexy with your current color. Maybe we could get it cut the next time we get your roots touched up, or even wait to do it when Jack and I finish the insane camping season that starts at the end of May.

Worse case scenario, if you don't like the blonde bob, we could either color it darker... sooner; or we could see how your blonde hair looks in a super sexy crop cut (like the spiky "duck butt" hairstyle, as you call it, that you have mentioned going back to a few times recently).
Don't get me wrong, I'm still LOVING the long hair on you (you could grow it down to your butt, and I'd be happier with each inch closer to that goal); but I know how you like to change things up now and then, and I think it would be super hot-n-sexy to see either of these shorter styles with the gorgeous blonde hair color you have right now.

I have to admit, I am really curious to see how a spiky blonde crop cut would look on you. And, I'll admit that, I'm giving some serious thoughts to something quite a bit shorter on myself as well. Maybe we could both get makeovers and go shorter, together. I would kind of like to see how Brad Pitt's haircut, from the movie Fury, would look on me. And if I (we) don't like it, then I can still see you in those sexy Goldilocks, as you be my Blonde Barberette, and either buzz me down to a crew cut, or just take the rest all the way off and finally shave me bald.

What do you think? Wanna go get some haircuts together?
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