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The SEXIEST thing you've said in a LONG Time

Yesterday morning, Karen and I made a trip to the Mall to return a few items to Lane Bryant, and do a quick little bit of shopping and walking around in the Mall. We had a really great afternoon together. I enjoy spending time with my Sweetie, and getting an opportunity to take her shopping. We even held hands a few times ((Swoon)).

After making our initial returns, it was right around lunch time; so I suggested that we pop over to Max & Erma's for a nice, relaxing, sit down bite to eat. We sat there chit-chatting, and occasionally playing on our phones; but as always, it was so nice to be with my girl.

All of Karen's animosity about me making her go see Bad Mom's with me on its opening night, on Friday, seemed to be out the door. We were both having a great time together.

As we left Max & Erma's, and headed back towards the other side of the Mall (where we were parked outside of the V-Stock entrance) we had to once again walk past the Regis Hair Salon. I am incapable of walking past a hair salon without looking in. I try to catch a glimpse of the hair stylists, and to see if anyone is getting any sort of dramatic makeover. I've been doing that for so many years, that it is a reflex action more than any conscious effort on my part. This time, Karen looked in as well. There were two stylists (a blonde, and a brunette) sitting side by side in their chairs; just chatting away, since they had no other clients in the salon.

"They look bored. You should go in there and take a seat in one of their chairs. Give them something to do. Let them chop off that ponytail. It would probably make their day. It would make mine."
Karen winked and me and giggled, as she playfully patted my butt and halfheartedly nudged me in the direction of the salon door.

In THAT very moment, I was more turned on by my wife than I can remember being in a very, very, long time. That is quite literally one of the sexiest things I can remember my wife sating to me in years.

If she had grabbed my hand, and started pulling me into the salon, I would not have resisted. Both stylists were really cute (Especially the blonde one. Oh how I would still give anything for my Bubbie to be my Blonde Barberette.), but in that brief moment, my wife was the sexiest creature to walk the face of this earth. If she had taken charge, and told me to get my hair cut for her, I would have followed into that salon like a lamb eagerly going to in for a shearing.

My wife used to playfully tease that she wanted to cut my hair. She would grin, and look at me with her deep blue eyes, and ask if she could give me a haircut. She would play with my hair, or tug at my ponytail, and playfully threaten to cut it off; or tease that she might drag me into a salon to sit me down and watch my hair go falling to the floor.

I keep playing that moment from yesterday over and over in my mind. It still has me really turned on.

It breaks my heart that my wife won't read the entries of my journal, and realize just how much I want her to do this very thing for me.

At this point in my life, there's only two things I hope for anymore:

1) To have my wife be my Barberette, shave my head completely bald, and to have that possibly kickstart/re-start our intimate love life again.

2) For my wife to quit smoking. The two of us focus on being healthy together (physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in our relationship). And to live a long happy life side by side.
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