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Hopes vs Reality

Early in the month of May 2016 (05/13/2016) I changed three passphrases for various systems I use at work. All three of those passphrases expired today, and had to be changed.

At that time in May, I had carefully chosen the three separate passphrases as part of a theme of hopeful wishes. One that, at the time, I had serious hopes would be prophetic in nature over the following three months; and would at least be showing signs of potentially coming true before it was time for the phrases to expire in late August. As you may well have guessed, that did not happen. And it makes me more than just a little bit sad.

While I will not type the exact pass phrases here (as it would give away my PW naming scheme), I will share what they ultimately spelled out.

  • "PLATINUM" - Karen's blonde hair has been a major driving visual for a great many fantasies over the past year. I would STILL give anything for Karen to be my Blonde Bombshell Barberette. It truly breaks my heart (and makes me more than a little bit angry) that her blonde hair is now gone before she ever had the chance to fulfill a role that I have literally asked, pleaded, and begged her to act out as a sexy blonde for well over a year now. I honestly don't know how I could have been more matter of fact, or obvious, about that.

  • "Bob It For Me" - the second pass phrase spelled out an honest desire, and fantasy, to see her BLONDE hair cut into a sexy bob cut.
    Two years ago, the day of Rob and Cindy's pool party, Karen got her blunt cut hair trimmed up into a perfect bob. Her neck was shaved a quarter inch into her hairline, and her bob was cut to the hairline in the back. Karen would have liked the front to have had more swing bob length to it, and I think that exact look would have been super sexy with her platinum golden locks. But the thought of cutting her gorgeous, long, hair was specific only to the blonde hair experiment.

  • "Make Me Bald" - Rounding out the third component to the Blonde Bombshell Barberette scenario, I was hopeful that she would FINALLY get around to keeping her age old promise to give me an erotic series of haircuts and then shave my head bald.

    I've been waiting for 4 years (48 months, to be exact) to have Karen make good on her promise, and have spent over a year asking and pleading for Karen to be my Golden fantasy - Blonde Barberette.

    I want Karen to quit smoking. I sometimes think that I'm more ready for her to quit than she is. I still find it really sexy to watch Karen smoke. It is a HUGE turn on (Watching her smoke is often the closest thing I have to any kind of sex life). But I am also concerned about her health, and that is more important than being turned on by a smoking fetish. Seriously..., we have no intimacy or sex life in our marriage; so to focus on something sexual, over something more immediately tangible, like her health, just doesn't make sense. My long hair will grow back, her health possibly wouldn't.
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