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Oh that Sexy Bob (A look back 2 years ago, today)

At this hour of the evening, exactly two years ago, Karen and I were at a pool party; hosted by our friends rob and Cindy. It is a party that we eagerly anticipate each and every year. Rob and Cindy are good friends, and although we don't know the other guests quite as well, we usually have the opportunity to hang out with another really good friend, Gary (aka Perry), and have quite an enjoyable evening.

But the day of this specific pool party, two years ago, was an exceptionally memorable one for me.
Earlier that day, Karen had gone to see our friend Kris (manager at a local salon), to have her blunt cut hair (that I had cut in May) shaped up and properly cut into a more refined style. She came home with the beautifully bobbed haircut, pictured below, and absolutely blew my mind away. I was, and am to this very day, enamored and in love with that style on her.
The only thing that I didn't like about that bob cut, that she received that day, was the fact that I didn't get to go with her to see it cut. Otherwise, it was, and still is, quite literally one of my all time two favorite "short" haircuts on Karen.

And, up until just 49 days ago, this was a haircut that I had hoped and prayed (and wrote about extensively in prior journal entries) to soon see on Karen again; the only difference being that it would have been a super sexy blonde version of that same bob. A blonde bob, that I had hoped to gaze upon, as my Bubbie took the clippers to my own hair later this Fall.

I still fantasize about that bob cut. Such a hot look on her!

Inverted Swingbob 01 Inverted Swingbob 02 Inverted Swingbob 03

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