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On this day, 2011 (A FaceBook memory)

This post popped up in my Face Book "On This Day" memories list. A few photos from the 2nd to last day of July, 2011.

I had just received my new "DELL XPS17 L702X" laptop a few days before, and was in the process of transferring files from my old Dimension 8400 desktop PC. I had just opened up the DELL Webcam Central program for the first time, and was trying to figure out the settings so that I could take a new profile photo for social media sites.

I kept hearing it click, and realized that it was still taking snapshots. Something I had clicked had it capturing a set of photos, rather than a single shot. It was in some sort of burst photobooth mode, so I posed until it stopped. I selected these 5 to share to FaceBook that night.

It has been 5 years, and my hair is just recently grown back to that same length. There have been a lot of changes over these past 5 years, but one thing remains the same... the ladies LOVE the long hair.

JULY 30 2011
Ladies LOVE the long hair
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