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Anniversary Plans

Nothing I've tried lately seems to be working towards my goal of sparking a regular love life with Karen. She is sweet, affectionate, caring, and very loving; but the libido and intimacy just don't seem to follow suit.

This morning, I called Citizen Kane while I was on my morning break. We have a reservation for 7 PM on Saturday MAR 5th. I want to do something super romantic and celebrate our wedding anniversary.

The following weekend,when it would seem to make more sense to go out to celebrate, is a campout weekend with Troop 506.

The 5th is also the same day that the St. Baldrick's event is going on at Helen Fitzgerald's. I'd love to go, but Karen is my priority. Besides, I'm looking into a possible opportunity to get a room at the Ameristar for that same night (A co-worker's dad gets comp rooms occasionally, and might part with one for about $50; otherwise I will just shill out the full $249 for the room).

I'm thinking that we could put on our own St. Baldrick's event in the hotel room.

I've got a list of items I need to put together, and ready to throw into the car:
[Two vinyl outfits (domme dress, and blue), one leather tank dress, and the latex rubber dress (wish we had some nylon or fishnet stockings). Scissors, 2 sets of clippers, two trimmers, and new shaving cream and razors. I have already found the shaving brush I bought for Karen back in 2012, so that she won't have to touch the shaving cream as she spreads it across my head. Two hair capes -teal and vinyl. Condoms and lube. And all of my cameras need to be charged and ready to go, along with the tripod.]

I should know if it's a go by around Wednesday.... STAY TUNED.

please shear me
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