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Bubbies Valentine's Day Gift

Today, Bubbie took the gift she gave me in November, and SUPER SIZED it.

Karen's hair is all blonde again. Even the darker hair that had been underneath at her nape is now near platinum blonde again. It is super sexy, and I cannot even begin to express my thanks and gratitude.

Bubbie Bee, you are so AWESOME!

It makes me want what I wrote, back in November, even more. I know what I want for my 45th birthday.

Bubbie, PLEASE Shave my head BALD for my Birthday!
You don't have to buy me anything else, and I'll even pay for the room at the Ameristar Casino Hotel.

My turn 02-14-2016

Originally posted 11-28-2015 by digzmania at Thank you for the gift you have given me today.

I want to give you something in return.
Would you please be my Blonde Barberette, and shave my head?

I want to smell the smoke as you blow it in my face.
I want to hear the scissors crunch as they sever the long locks of hair, before it slides down the cape to the floor.
I want to hear the clippers click to life, and buzz as they near forehead.
I want to feel their vibrating blades as you buzz me down to soft fuzz.
I want to feel the thick, warm foam of the shaving cream as you lather me up.
I want to feel the tug of the razor, as the stubble is shaved smooth.
I want to feel your long blonde hair envelope my head as you lean down to kiss my bald skin.
I want to feel your soft lips as you leave a lipstick print on my smooth shaven head.
I want to taste the smoke on your breath as you passionately kiss me again.

Tags: bald, barberette, blonde hair, karen, shaved, smoking fetish
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