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4 Years (48 months) Later, and I'm still waiting... (06/26/2012 - 06/26/2016)

Originally posted 09-25-2015 by digzmania at 39 Months Later - I still want to be Shaved,... by my Sexy BLONDE Barberette

Guess we're about 5 days too late to revisit any possibility of this scenario, or any one of the dozen or so that I've written about in the past year, having any possibility of happening.

April 21st, of 2012, was the last time that I got a short haircut.
I left the salon that day with a down to the skin, razor shaved, high-n-tight. At which time I started growing it out, with the hopes of having my wife lather and shave my head completely bald by the start of Summer.

She finally took the hint, and agreed to do so, in a discussion we had on June 26th, 2012. that was 20 inches of hair growth ago. Three months ago, marked the 3rd year since that discussion took place.

Since April of 2012, I've been growing my hair long again, and the last time I gave any serious thought about having karen cut my hair off again was June of 2013. But ever since Karen got her hair bleached lighter blonde on Aug 22nd, the desire to have Karen cut my hair off again keeps growing stronger and stronger. Something about her blonde hair, that I just can't figure out and explain.

I recently came across a handful of Bitstrip cartoon scenes, that have allowed me to put together a short storyboard of what I hope that encounter might look like if it happened sometime between now and next Spring.

Karen's new sexy blonde hair will have gotten even lighter; so I've adjusted the cartoon character to reflect how my sexy Blonde Barberette will look, now that her hair is finally starting to also get long again.

My Blonde Barberette Fantasy

BACKGROUND STORY: On June 26th, Karen and I had a discussion, during which she made a deal/promise to give me an erotic haircut, and play the part of my Fetish Barberette for the duration of the Summer (3 months = 92 days).
 By that time, my hair had grown to a length of about two inches long on top, and between 3/4" to 1 1/4" inches long on the back and sides. Not really long enough to make for a dramatic haircut and makeover, but enough to have fun and play with. When things got sidetracked for a few months, it actually seemed to make sense. I was happy for my hair to have some time to grow out a bit longer. More hair = more fun cutting it all back off.

 The entire Summer came and went, and that shaving never happened. Fall came and went, still no haircut. Winter set in, and my hair was starting to get pretty shaggy around the edges, and was making its way down over my ears. By the time a full year had passed, I had pretty much given up any hope that anything would ever happen.

Over the past three years, I’ve had a few trims, now and again; but nothing more than an inch or two at any one time. My hair is now 20 inches long, and is usually pulled back into a ponytail.

Although 39 months have now passed since I was supposed to have been on the receiving end of a clipper ride and hot lathered head shave, I’ve not stopped thinking about what was supposed to have been. It is

I’m not super eager to just jump in and cut all of my hair off on a whim. I actually love the way my long hair looks. But if my wife would show that we ccould have a regular love life, and she took the time to set up a romantic and erotic barberette encounter where she told me she was going to shave my head bald,... I would LOVE to have my sexy Blonde Barberette give me a haircut.

Of course, that would be the ULTIMATE form of foreplay. Not the kind that is just for a one night rendezvous. But I'd gladly trade my long hair if it were part of a commitment to having a normal sex/love life with a greater frequency of lovemaking and intimacy. I'd even keep it short in exchange for more intimacy and any chance for a deeper connection with my wife.
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