Digger (digzmania) wrote,

32 Questions - asked by a FB Friend

A friend, on Facebook, sent me this list of questions to answer and post to my wall. I figure that I will answer it here, before I decide if I really eant to post the answers to a social media site that everyone can easily see and access.


❥ Single? No. I am married to a wonderful woman, named Karen.
❥ Crushing?I have several celebrity crushes; but I'm too busy being IN LOVE with Karen to be thinking about anyone else.
Favorite food?Chinese, Shepherd's pie, KC Strip steak (med well), 7 layer dip, Taco Salads.
Favorite colors?Hunter green, TrueBlue, Teal, Sage green, Indigo blue.
Favorite Music? 80's Pop, 80's-90's Hair Bands, Praise &Worship, TV & Movie themes.
❥ Talents? Art, Piano,
Hobbies?Drawing, writing, scouts and camping.
hair Long/short?Currently very long. About 22 to 24 inches long all over.
Height?6 foot, 1 inch.
Jacket/Hoodie? Most of the time, both. I often wear a jacket over a zippered hoodie.
Eye color?Blue
Hair color?Medium brown, with reddish undertones,  and some natural grey highlights showing here and there.
Shirt color? Currently wearing TrueBlue
Jeans  shorts?I am usually wearing jeans or cargo pants; but when I'm wearing shorts, they are typically scout uniform shorts or a hiking short.
Get married?Currently married. To Karen J. Chambers Mullen, since 08 MAR 2003.
Get divorced?Got divorced, once. Will never let that happen ever again.
Still wet the bed ?What kind of question is that? Only time I wet anything near the bed, is when I'm being (or dreaming about being) intimate with Karen.
Had or have depression?Yes. I have been diagnosed with depression in the past. Other than some mild seasonal affective issues, I have been relatively symptom free for just over three years now. Most of my recent feelings of depression can be directly linked to relationship or intimacy situations.
Daydream?All The Time!
Thought of food?Not since lunch.
Someone you love?Karen, Jack, Delaney; and my family (Mom, M.I.L., Brothers, Sis-in-laws)
Someone you hate?Hate is a very strong emotion. Few people in this world have ever deserved a position to warrant that much time and emotion from me. I intensely dislike most public official members of the Democrat political party. Currently, Hillary Clinton tops that list.
Dream jobs?In order: Hair Salon Owner (stylist), Graphic Design Artist or Illustrator, Cabinet maker/carpenter, Scout Leader (paid position), Teacher (but, probably not at a public school).
Got tattoos?Yep. Three: each upper arm, and one on the left side of my chest.
Got piercings?Just a pierced left ear.
Worst day of your life?There are too many to list or describe here. The day my Dad passed away is pretty high on the list.
Best days of your life?Wedding day with Karen, the day Jack was born, the day Delaney was born, the day that Karen let me give her an inch long buzzed crop cut with long fringe (July 2006).
One "recent"day that really sticks out in my mind: A day, last Summer, I was chatting with Karen on IM, and she asked me to come home from work on my lunch break to make love to her. She initiated, and invited me, to come have sex with her. That was one of the happiest days I can remember in recent years.
Biggest Fears?Losing members of my family, or family members getting ill. Not having enough money to pay for things we need. Going bald, and losing my hair. Doubting someone's love and commitment to me. That I'm not doing a good enough job at raising my kids, or being a good husband.

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