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Blonde to Red transition: Bob cut Style

I know I should be asleep right now. Tomorrow will be my first "real" day back to work in over two weeks. ( The 9th and 10th don't count, because I basically did the bare minimum both days; and by now, my desk and email inbox will both be piled high with backlogged requests.)

I just can't seem to get my brain to shut down enough to let me sleep.

A couple of hours ago, I started playing around with an online makeover program. I uploaded a photo of Karen from early 2011. It's one of my all time favorites of her with gorgeous long, red, hair.

I was lucky enough to find a photo of an inverted bob cut. This one is long in the front (although, maybe an inch or two longer than it should be), and then goes up just slightly above the base of the hairline at the nape of the neck.
The model, that this style was shown on, had a small undercut section underneath the blunt cut line in the back.

NOTE:(If Karen still has any thoughts about going back to a shorter crop/pixie style, the undercut would grow back perfectly to coincide with that hairstyle later in the Fall. I'm not going to post the photos in this entry, but I did test out a few blonde crop cuts while playing with the makeover program. Spiky blonde could potentially be a really sexy end result, before we go back to the darker haircolors.)

I would love to have Karen be my Blonde Bombshell Barberette in this hairstyle.
I want to look into her deep blue eyes, and see her gorgeous face, framed by her golden tresses, as my hair falls to the floor around me.

After Karen shaves my head, we can start transitioning her hair to darker blondes, and golden browns with highlights (like she had last September) for the Fall.

That will prepare her hair for when she is ready to go red, or chocolate brown with red highlights, for late Fall/Early winter. She'll be all set with warm colors, as her hair transitions over a period of several months. Those should be some fun, and interesting, salon visits.

This is just one possible stop along the color journey. If Karen doesn't go the route of a blonde crop cut (duck butt, as she calls it. LOL) I would love to see the bob cut in a dark intense red color. Maybe add in a darker undetcut.... Dang! Makes my nerves shiver just thinking about it.

If she makes it all the way to the dark cherry, or red, colors with the bob in tact; it will be a great place to start growing it all back out long again. Nice even lines, no crazy layers to grow out, and any damaged ends that resulted from bleaching it blonde for the past year, will have mostly been cut off. Beautiful, silky, healthy hair.

Karen's hair could be back to the bottom of her bra strap in just another 2 years.

Note: Below are two samples of the Chocolate brown with cherry red highlights, and highlighted red, colors referred to several times above.

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