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T + 30 Days since the Blonde to Red transition.

It has now been one month since I dyed Karen's beautiful Golden locks a sexy Intense Dark red.


I love the RED.
Enough so, that I've already re-colored it just 5 days ago, in order to keep it that same intense dark color. It had faded quite a bit from the first time we colored it. I had actually anticipated that, and knew it would need to be colored again before a full month had passed. You just can't take hair that is stripped of all color and expect a solid red to hold onto the hair with only one application.

We had been shopping just a few days before last Saturday, and I had purchased a box of deep mahogany brown hair color in the same product line that we have always used on Karen's hair. I know that putting a brown base into her hair will help keep the hair from lightening quite as much. The brown dye molecules are small enough to embed deep into the hair; giving the red something to hold onto. even if the red fades, the brown will keep the hair's darker, rich, tones from fading.

Somehow, we also had another box of the Dark Intense red at home. It was on the counter when I started setting up to color her hair; and without realizing that I did not have the mahogany in hand, I applied the dark red to her hair again.

It looks amazing, and incredibly sexy. I love intense reds on my Sweetie.

However, I will not lie. As much as I love the red, I would give anything to bleach her hair back out blonde again. If I for even a moment thought she would go for it, I would gladly pay almost any amount to go have it done...

I really do miss the blonde. I wish we would have had time to go through the stages of gradually going from the platinum blonde to a series of darker, richer blondes. I even still wish I would have had the opportunity to have talked to her about my ideas of cutting her hair into a blonde bob (and maybe even a platinum blonde crop cut sometime later down the road), and all of the other things I never got to bring up.

But what's done is done; and now it is a long luxurious RED. I'm very happy with that. I love her long hair so much, and the dark red is really suiting her very well. I love it when she has had her hair up in a bun, or looped ponytail, and then lets her hair out to hang free around her face and shoulders. It is so incredibly sexy.

A few nights ago, I was laying down next to her in bed, and we were watching TV together. her hair was pulled up into one of those looped bun/ponytails, and I couldn't keep my hands off of her beautiful hair. I kept burying my nose into it to smell her shampoo and conditioner. I wanted to let it all down and loose, to run my fingers through the long silky locks.
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