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Aunt Flo takes the Kill Shot

Aunt Flo decided to show up today. Guess she figured it was a great opportunity to sweep in and deal the final death blow on the upcoming weekend.

No Date Night, No Trivia with my Sweetie and "friends," and now... No Sex.


Damn it, Aunt Flo! I'm so horney, for my wife, that not only do my shaven balls ache, but my entire body is shutting down from hormone overload; and now I've got nowhere to release it's full fury. For the past several days, I've been desperately looking forward to making love to my Sweetie, for what would have probably been the only redeeming moments of the upcoming weekend. Now you have robbed me of even that singular moment of pleasure.

Why? Why did you have to show up today? You are THREE Days early! You weren't supposed to be here till Monday.

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