Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Come on Monday.

Tomorrow is Friday, and a payday, but I'm ready for Monday to hurry up and get here. Let's get the weekend over with and start the next work week already.

Nope. That's not a typo.

Tomorrow may be Friday, but I already know my weekend is going to suck. My social calendar looks like shit for the next three days straight, so we might as well get past the formalities and start that next dreaded work week.

And, that's OK. It is what it is, I suppose. I'm disappointed, and sad. It just seems like thete is a pattern of let down situations here lately, and it's starting to eat away at me. Starting to affect my mood, and putting me in a shut down protective mode.

But, right now, I want to try to focus on something a bit more positive.

  • Tomorrow night is still date night. And since I didn't get "lucky" last weekend, I'm hopefully looking forward to some sexy hanky panky.

  • Bubbie will have a good time this weekend, and hopefully feel socially, emotionally, and mentally recharged.

  • Maybe I will get some much needed rest and relaxation. I might even get caught up on some of the 30+ hours of shows recorded on my DVR.

  • Tomorrow is pay day, and I will be able to pay some bills.

  • Next week is the last week of the month; and the sooner it gets here, the sooner next weekend will get here... bringing us closer to my beading ceremony, Rob's pool party, Karen's HS reunion, etc...

  • Next weekend will make up for this weekend being a complete flop:
    1. Friday night Karen and I can have 2nd date night two weekends in a row. She won't be expecting it, and I'm really hoping it will be a super fun surprise. Dinner and a movie; Like old school date nights. Im going to take her to see the movie 'Bad Moms' on it's opening night. I am so stoked! LOL. Its not often that a chick flick comedy comes out, that I am really excited to see; but I've been waiting for this movie since the trailer dropped on May 2nd.Not sure if Karen has heard of it, but I really think we will both enjoy it.
    2. Saturday night is the Dolly Parton concert.

  • So, that's what I'm focused on right now. Trying to have a positive attitude, and a positive outlook. Trying to stay away from the negativity that tries to drag me down; and then causes me to drag Karen down with me.

    Can't promise that I won't still feel sad and disappointed about Saturday night (and the weekend in general), but I'm going to try to not dwell on it.
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