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Back from Camp, but we still have a BUSY Summer Ahead

24 JUN 2016:Pay Day! This will be my first time to get to take Karen out on a date night in quite a while. I'm really looking forward to dinner and some quality time with my Sweetie. I have really missed her.

25 JUN 2016:Hair Salon Date (one of my favorite events every 5 to 7 weeks for the past year) - Time to get Karen's roots done and a fresh coat of blonde toner on her hair. Maybe add a few more lowlights, and darken the blonde toner just a bit from Light Ash Blonde to a more Natural Blonde, or medium golden blonde. And... possibly get Karen's hair chopped off and bobbed. (see previous entries)

26 JUN 2016:Mullen family Fun day to IKEA. A fun lunch and maybe a side trip to some venue in Forrest Park. I'm thinking one of the following: 1) The Art Museum, 2) The Special Grow Exhibit at the Science Center along with an IMAX movie feature (Natural Parks Adventure), or maybe we can all go see Finding Dory. The busy, busy day will end with Dinner at Mom's for May and June birthdays.

02 JUL 2016: Party and Slip-n-slide at the Dunman's .
03 JUL 2016:Working on Dini's room, and rides at the Festival.
04 JUL 2016:Heritage and Freedom Fest Parade, Evening party at the Jones'.

09-10 JUL 2016:Finish Dini's room (or) start on Jack's bedroom remodel.

16 JUL 2016:My cousin's Wedding (Amy Grooms and Ben).

23 JUL 2016: Trivia Night Fund Raiser. * It's been a long time since Karen and I have been to a trivia night; and this one will be with a whole bunch of our friends. Even though the reason for the fund raiser os one that is serious and I wish wasn't necessary; I am so super excited to be going to a trivia night with this specific group of friends. We don't get to hang out as a group much anymore; and this is one weekend event that I am extremely excited to have on the calendar.

This is my kind of social event. Everyone having fun playing a game, together. One big team. No breaking off into little clicks or groups, with anyone left sitting on the outskirts. I guess it's kind of sad, but this trivia night will probably be my social highlight for the whole month of July. I don't exactly fit in with the crowd at most events, but game nights and trivia nights are my time to finally be a part of the party. Hurry up, July.... :-)

23/24 JUL 2016: Hopefully, we can fit in a hair salon visit to get Bubbie"s roots and blonde touched up this weekend. I do so absolutely LOVE our salon visits. So sexy, and such a gift from her to me.

04 or 11 AUG 2016: Wood Badge beading ceremony. I'm finally going to get my 2nd bead.

16 AUG 2016:First day of School, 2016/17 school year. (TUE)

20/21 or 27/28 AUG 2016: Hair Salon date - (depending on schedules) it will be time to get Karen's sexy golden locks touched up, and looking really gorgeous, for her upcoming 25 year class reunion.
If she hasn"t already, this would be a great time to add more lowlights, and go to a warmer blonde, as we prepare to transition to darker hair for the Fall.

05 SEP 2016:Labor Day. - Haven't heard anything about any plans yet, but Labor Day weekend usually has some sort of party going on. If nothing else, the St. Paul picnic might be an option (weather and heat permitting).

?? SEP 2016:  Karen's 25 year HS Reunion.  (1st or 2nd weekend of the month) Sounds like this might be a huge happy hour party, as opposed to the weekend long event it was 5 years ago; but I'm sure it will be a fun filled (Saturday) evening for us both... and I'm really looking forward to seeing Karen pick out a new outfit to dress up to the nines to have a wonderful evening out with old friends. After their 20 year reunion, several of her classmates froended me on FB, so I too will enjoy seeing them again.

?? SEP 2016:Ameristar Casino? - With Summer events and parties winding down, maybe we can finally find some time to have a romantic getaway weekend and take care of some "long" unfinished business.
It's time for Karen to quit smoking again, and I know she won't feel like she can do that while leaving unfinished items hanging over our  heads (or should I say hanging on my head). Until she can fulfill my wish for her to be my smoking hot golden haired fetish barberette, and shave my head completely bald, she will feel the need to keep smoking; or use that as an excuse to keep smoking.

I know Karen has a love/hate attitude about her smoking habit. She enjoys smoking, but hates it and the health risks at the same time. I'm in a similar boat. Watching her smoke is incredibly sexy, and a major sexual turn on for me; but I too worry and fret about the risks to her health. I hate it that she is still smoking.

At this point, she should have cut off all of my hair, shaved my head, and have quit smoking again a long time ago.

Some times it makes me so angry with her that she is so determined to ignore me. Ignore everything about me: emotionally, physically, and intimately.

Is it really so disgusting to consider indulging one of my fetish fantasies, that you would really prefer to keep smoking than to let me reserve us a hotel room at the Ameristar so that you could shave my head and make love to me?

Am I really that repulsive to you?

My Hair will grow back, but her health or missed opportunities to have special shared moments with the love of my life won't.  Once they are gone they are gone; and I love Karen too much to continue risking her health because of the latter.

So, when things calm down a bit at the end of Summer, I want Karen to plan a special weekend for just the two of us; and I want my Angel haired goddess to be my Blonde Bombshell Barberette and give me a slow, sensual, haircut until my head is as smooth as a baby's bottom. She can play the part of fetish barberette for the rest of Fall, as we transition her hair back to darker colors, and then I can help her quit smoking once and for all.
Then after the holidays, I'll decide what I want to do about either having hair or not, keeping it short, or growing it back out again. And she will once again be smoke free.
Either way, it will be a fun and exciting adventure getting to that point in time.

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