Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Enjoyable Evening's Out

My feet are sore, and my back is killing me right now (just took a good dose of ibuprofen and a baby aspirin to help with that); but I don't mind at all, because I spent the evening walking around the mall with my Sweetie. I ended up getting nearly 40% of the steps towards my daily walking goal, just by spending an enjoyable evening with Karen. That means that she got at least 3,000 steps in too.

I really enjoy our little outings (shopping, grocery shopping, or dinner) together; even though I feel a little guilty about leaving the kids at home and not including them in our activities. But they can make what is otherwise a very enjoyable trip to the store, or just an hour out and about, an utter chore and nightmare. Whereas, Karen and I can spend that time together, and it is a really nice time to connect with one another in the evening portion of our hectic day.

Tonight was a perfect example. We picked up some items she had ordered online, and had sent to Lane Bryant, and then walked to half a dozen other stores while we were there. If the kids had been along, I would have much more hurting me than my feet and back. My neck and shoulders would be tensed up right now, and my head would be pounding as well.

But I do look forward to opportunities to be out and about with the whole family. It sometimes seems that we try to cram everything into a portion of the weekend. So, when we can go as a family it's really nice.

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