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Longing for my Angel via Long Distance

I have to admit it, I am really missing my Sweet Bubbie Bee.

I have a few minutes to spare, and the Wi-Fi here at camp is actually working at the moment; so I'm taking a minute to share one of the text strings I have been sending to Karen while I am here.

Last night I had an amazing dream that I was laying in our bed, practically swimming in a soft sea of her gorgeous blonde hair. her hair was so long that it covered the entire bed; flowing from her head, all the way down to the ends of our sheets. Karen was laying naked in the middle of the bed, and inviting me to make love to her.

the dream was so vivid that I could perfumed smell her shampoo and conditioner emanating from her silky tresses, and could feel its thick softness of her hair under our bodies. Her blonde hair formed an angelic halo around her head and body, radiating like the bright, warm, rays of the sun. I wrapped my hands and arms up in the cool embrace of her gorgeous golden locks of hair, and they held me completely captivated, mind, body and soul , as she pulled me into her.

When I woke up, I said a quick prayer that I had not talked, or made any noises, in my sleep. But it was a most wondrous dream. I would give anything I have to see her blonde hair get long enough to wrap around the two of us. I would give anything to see it reach the mid point of her back, and get to watch it swing back and forth as she walks in front of me. If, by any miracle of a chance, she still has her golden angel hair by the time Halloween comes around, I would spend any amount of money to buy her an Elsa costume and dress up as Frozen Characters. Maybe I could figure out a way to dress up as one of the big ice creatures that protects her castle, or even Olaf. I know it's crazy, but I am head over heels obsessed, enthralled, and absolutely infatuated with Karen's Beautiful long, blonde, hair. (I would still be so even if it weren't blonde, but the blonde is proving to be exotically sexy even above and beyond my obsession with the length.)

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