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A 3 inch trim

Earlier this evening, as we were getting ready to make a trip tot he store to purchase items that jack and I will need on our upcoming trip to South Dakota (we leave early Saturday morning), Karen asked if i would trim her hair.

She had just stepped out of the shower, and her long golden tresses were still quite damp. Not dripping wet, but perfect for getting it combed out and even. I think it may have been at least 4 or 5 months since I last gave her a trim around the edges, and at that time I barely took off between 1/4" to half an inch. I love the fact that her hair is finally getting really long again.

I could tall that the left side had grown quite a bit faster than the right, and she had quite a few split ends. She asked that I give it a really good trim. So I combed it all out, and cut off about three inches all the way around (almost 4 on the longer side). I really hated to see that much length come off of her gorgeous hair, but it needed it.

As we were about to head out the door, the kids were pointing out just how much hair I had cut off. I grinned at Karen and joked that for just a brief moment, I had been tempted to cut off a whole lot more. She responded, "that's fine with me. You should have."

I immediately thought back to the idea of giving her a sexy blonde bob cut. As much as I love her long hair, I still haven't quite been able to get that thought out of my head over the past couple of weeks. I could easily cut the basic shape for an inverted swing bob for her, and then take her to get it finished up at the salon. But, I knew we didn't have time for all of that, and jack and I leave for Summer Camp less than 36 hours from now.

I would be devastated if she went to go get it cut without me going with her, so I kept my thoughts and ideas to myself. There will be plenty of time to think it over, and discuss the idea once I am back home after the 19th. (10 long days from now)

But I keep thinking about how she responded. has she read my recent journal entries? Could she really be open for eh idea of getting her hair chopped off into a short sexy blonde bob?

I'm going to have to share some of the blonde bobbed and cropped hair photos I have been researching over the past couple of months. Maybe we can take them with us when we go get her roots touched up that following weekend after we get back form camp.

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