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Happy Hump Day!

Yes, I mean Wednesday.
I wish it were another kind of hump day, but I and Bubbie are both just too tired. Besides, I'm not sure if A.F. might still be lingering around just a bit. Things have been too crazy the past couple of days for me to tell. LOL.

I know that we just had a three day weekend, but I am already looking forward to Friday hurrying up and getting here. Like I said, this week has been crazy; and I am exhausted. I need a day to sleep in, get caught up on reading and maybe a show or two, and spend some more quality time with my gorgeous wife.

With that said, I already have some ideas about what I want to do this weekend:

  • It's payday, so hopefully we can enjoy a nice dinner for date night. Brian Villier's band is playing at somewhere called The Bull dog Saloon; so I thought we might pop in for a listen and a couple of drinks before heading home. Maybe another game night in bed with karen (board game, that is)

  • I'm sure that some time slot over the weekend will need to be devoted to a grocery shopping or Costco trip.

  • As expected, Karen's red hair is fading quite a bit, so since it has been two and a half weeks already since we colored it (Friday will make 17 days), it's time to put more red hair color into it. This time will stay much better. red is one of the hardest colors to get to stay in the hair follicle,and since her hair was stripped nearly bare, it will take a while to get a long lasting rich red. especially with the Summer sun.

  • Karen has been working on Dini's room quite a bit so far this week. By Friday, I imagine that the painting will be finished, and we can complete the construction of the bed by putting together the new 9 drawer dresser. YAY!

  • I would like to see at least one of the following movies at the theater:
    1. Independence day: Resurgence
    2. Secret Life of Pets
    3. Warcraft

  • Have dinner with my mother. It's been several weeks (other than Austin's B-Day party) since I have had an opportunity to see my mom, and spend time with her.

  • Help Karen get some things accomplished around the house: Laundry, Dishes, Yards mowed (weather permitted - if we can go a day without a monsoon), and some general cleaning.

  • Have Sex with my gorgeous red haired vixen: I'm hoping at least twice before the weekend is finished.

  • Sleep. Lots of Sleep and rest when I can fit it in.

    And that is what I hope to accomplish between Friday and next Monday.
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